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Filled with Revenge - Part V
Just before I arrived at the apartment, Mary had stopped by for a visit. She had come by the apartment when Ellie first moved out, but hadn’t been by since. With Ellie gone, Mary had found her mother to be directing more and more of her anger towards her. Not about her weight of course, but about her outfits, grades and love life. Mary wasn’t sure if she missed her sister genuinely or just missed her being there as a target for her mother’s wrath.
“Come in,” Mary heard her sister call from somewhere inside her apartment. As much as Mary didn’t get along with her sister, it had been kind of quiet with her moved out and maybe she needed some sisterly advice. She was getting frustrated with her mother setting her up on dates with sons of her annoying friends. Mary had met someone on her own, but knew her mother wouldn’t approve of her choice. Mary walked in the apartment, past the kitchen counter to the large living room. She was impressed at how
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Filled With Revenge Part IV :icony2qwert:y2qwert 40 6
Filled with Revenge Part III
For Ellie’s birthday later that year she received another gym membership, this time with a staff trainer. Apparently Ellie’s mother was getting tired of paying extra towards an endeavor that was clearly failing. “Oh wonderful,” smiled Ellie after looking at the card. “Thanks mom and dad.”
“I hope you use it this time Ellie,” her mom replied looking down her nose at her expanding daughter. In the months that had followed the promise to take her weight seriously, all Ellie had done was become fatter and fatter.
“I’ll go as often as I can.” She replied.
“You can go directly from school. And on the weekends, of course, you'll have even more time that you can spend there. Everything is set up, right Allan,” Ellie’s mom added as she turned towards Ellie’s Dad.
“Whatever you say, Shannon.” Ellie’s dad took this opportunity to leave. “I’ll be by the pool,” he said as he
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Filled with Revenge Part II
Ellie’s mom had been furious when she had found out about one of her daughters spending time with a common club employee. Even if it had just been Ellie, the thought of anyone at her club gaining knowledge of this was just too unbearable. If I hadn’t left, Ellie’s mom had put a backup plan in place. The threats from the police officer had been serious. They would have charged me even without Ellie’s word. No matter the outcome, my name would be tarnished and I would carry the accusations with me for the rest of my life, her mother would make sure of that.
All of this only widened the divide between Ellie and her mom. Like before, Ellie's mom berated her and continually mentioned Ellie’s appearance and weight. Whether it was commenting on the fit of her clothes, her portions at dinner or just coming out and telling her that, “she’d better lose weight soon or she’d never find a decent man to marry her.”
Ellie, of course, had always ho
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Filled with Revenge Part I
Every time I open this door my mind travels back to the first time I walked through it. My life changed for the better and all it took was the turn of a handle. It’s amazing how something so small, became something so big.
I remember how nervous I was when I tentatively walked through that door, not knowing what to expect. I hadn’t seen or heard from her in over three years. It had ended badly to say the least. Not the way we had wanted, but we were young and felt powerless. The fact that it had been her mother that had called and requested me to go see her made it all the more puzzling. Her parents, especially her mother, had never cared for me, or I guess, my position in their social circle. I don’t think they ever got to know me well enough to decide if they liked or disliked me.
When I first met Ellie, I was a handler at the riding stables that housed her horse, Butterscotch. At first I took her coolness towards me as snobbishness, typical of the young women who r
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Growth Period
Taking some time off from school had seemed like a great idea. She could relax, unwind, get refocused. Did she really want to pursue politics? Was there a better path for her to follow? The extra time would give her a chance to consider her options more and make sure she set out in the right direction when she did finalize her course selections. Plus, there were things she wanted to do, and things she wanted to devote more time to. She’d have more time for Capoeira and Tae Kwon Do. It would be a year just about her, then she could put all her attentions back into school and not feel like she had wasted this period of her life buried in books.
Unfortunately most of her friends had gone off to university or college so it had been a bit quiet, she had been okay with that, since she had planned on focusing on herself anyways, but at times she did find herself getting bored. She had caught up on a lot of reading, and when she wasn’t reading there were lots of TV shows to binge o
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Based on this as a scene:
And this character:
“Donuts? Really?”
“Uhhggg!” Chloe sighed. “Would you leave me alone and let me finish my lunch?”
“Umm, in case you’ve forgotten,” Ashley, reminded Chloe, “you just left a buffet?”
“Yeah, but someone was hassling me the entire time and I didn’t get to finish my lunch.” Chloe rolled her eyes and then shoved another donut in her mouth.
“Trust me you ate enough!”
“Harrumph!” Chloe mumbled through stuffed cheeks before swallowing. “Lunch is a meal. A meal isn’t over until you’re full. I’m not full. So lunch isn’t over.” She took another bite of donut. Powdered sugar exploded from her mouth, as she che
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Just before I arrived at the apartment, Mary had stopped by for a visit. She had come by the apartment when Ellie first moved out, but hadn’t been by since. With Ellie gone, Mary had found her mother to be directing more and more of her anger towards her. Not about her weight of course, but about her outfits, grades and love life. Mary wasn’t sure if she missed her sister genuinely or just missed her being there as a target for her mother’s wrath.

“Come in,” Mary heard her sister call from somewhere inside her apartment. As much as Mary didn’t get along with her sister, it had been kind of quiet with her moved out and maybe she needed some sisterly advice. She was getting frustrated with her mother setting her up on dates with sons of her annoying friends. Mary had met someone on her own, but knew her mother wouldn’t approve of her choice. Mary walked in the apartment, past the kitchen counter to the large living room. She was impressed at how clean and tidy it was. She had an impression of her sister being a bit of a lazy slob stuck in her mind.

“Oh, it’s you Mary,” Ellie said surprised, “I thought it might be the delivery guy. I ordered supper and it should be hear any minute.”

“Supper?” Mary questioned. “It’s barely 4:00.”

“When you’re hungry, you’re hungry,” Ellie smiled rubbing her fat belly.

Mary looked at her older sister; she was even fatter than she remembered. She was sitting on the couch watching TV with an empty bag of chips and a container of dip at her side. Her fat belly pushed her legs apart as it reached for her knees. The t-shirt she wore had Ellie’s gym logo on it, though it was hard to tell it was stretched so tightly over the rolls of fat that made up Ellie’s belly, hardly good advertising. Large breasts rested on the belly, then pushed up almost into Elli’s extra chins. Ellie’s rounding face seemed framed by her swollen shoulders that rose up. Her fat arms were at her sides, pushed out by the thick rolls of fat that made up her love handles.  Her hips stretched out even more, straining the khaki shorts she wore to their limits. A noticeable crease was formed at the bottom of the shorts where the fat of her legs broke free.

“Grab a seat,” Ellie said motioning to the remaining room on the couch. Ellie easily took up two thirds of the seating area.

Mary decided on a chair facing her sister. She wondered if it was a mistake to come here. What would they talk about; they really had nothing in common. Could her fat sister offer any relationship advice?

“Can I get you anything,” Ellie asked her sister as she started to get up. “Pop, chips, anything?”

Mary watched as her sister leaned as far forward as she could, forcing her fat belly out further. Ellie’s soft body flowed like a water balloon as she tried to stand. Then while she leaned to the side for leverage as she heaved herself up, Ellie’s soft body wobbled and trembled. The effort had exposed several inches of belly that hung from the snug shirt. Mary snapped back to reality, “Anything diet would be great,” she smiled weakly as her sister waddled towards the kitchen.

“Sorry sis,” Ellie smiled as she tossed over a 500 ml bottle of coke and opened one for herself. “I just have the real thing.”

“I should have known,” Mary said with a funny look.

Just then there was a rap at the door. “Oh goody, supper!” Ellie's face lit up as she turned and headed for the door as fast as her body could move.

Mary set her unopened cola on the floor beside her and waited for her sister to return. She watched as Ellie set a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken on the coffee table along with another bag of fries and salads. “Piece of chicken,” Ellie asked with her mouth full. She had opened the bucket as soon as it arrived.

Mary hadn’t had Kentucky Fried Chicken in years. Not since she was maybe four or five at a friend’s birthday party. She got up and found herself a small breast and started nibbling. “Not bad,” she thought as she watched her sister plow through five more pieces of chicken then hit the creamy salads.

Once Ellie finished the bucket, the family French fries, two each of macaroni and potato salads and even Mary’s leftover chicken skin and unopened bottle of coke, she leaned back and rubbed some of her exposed belly that rested heavily on her fat lap.

Mary had held her tongue but finally opened her mouth, “I can’t believe you ate a whole family meal,” she said with both disgust and amazement, “no wonder you’ve gotten so…” her voice trailed off before she finished her sentence.

“Fat,” Ellie said for her. “You’re right. I have put on some weight,” Ellie stood up and then lifted her belly with both hands, then let it drop, bouncing and jiggling. “I guess I’ve passed chubby and am definitely fat now.

“It’s just that you didn’t used to be fat at all…”

“Mom gave me a hard time about my weight when I was your size!” Ellie responded harshly. “I could never please her.

“Well now you’re driving her absolutely crazy. She doesn’t know what to do with you,” Mary said.

“Crazy eh,” Ellie said with a smile as she went to her kitchen and retrieved some chocolate and another bottle of coke.

A look of astonishment slowly rose over Mary’s face as she started to put all of the pieces together. This was her sister’s revenge on her mother.

And her mother’s revenge on her daughter had been to track down the one boy that she had known to have any interest in her daughter. The one boy that she knew her daughter had had feelings for. Strong feelings. The one boy whose sudden reappearance to see the huge 400 pound plus wobbling ball of fat that Ellie had eaten herself into would embarrass her daughter as much as she had embarrassed her.

Guess who got their revenge?

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Now into her first year at her mother’s Alma Mater, Ellie was relishing the time out of the house. Although her breakfasts and suppers were controlled, she was free to eat as she chose for seven hours while at school. Her frustration with her home life had had a negative result on her grades last year. So this semester she had opted for a General Arts and Sciences program. She hoped this might help her find an area of interest to pursue.

She did like the campus, and felt a little more grown up being there. It was a series of buildings, with beautiful walkways in between. Sheppard Hall, although newer, had been built in the same style and blended in perfectly, unlike Ellie Sheppard, whose expanding plumpness made her a bit of an anomaly amongst the other thinner, more fashion forward students. Ellie did check out the Hall though, and found her mother’s freshman portrait hung there along with others of her family who had attended the prestigious private school. In the photo she looked to be every bit the size zero that she had bragged. Lean and hard. Even though it was only a head and shoulder shot, Ellie could tell that her mother had no discernable breasts at the time. In fact with her short cropped air, and minimal make up, Ellie thought she looked a little boyish in the photo.

Between classes she would reward herself with a treat or two from the vending machines. This was mainly to tide her over until her lunch break. Then she could really enjoy herself at the cafeteria line where she made sure to make up for her meager meals at the start and end of the day. It was not uncommon for Ellie to struggle through her afternoon classes, incredibly full and uncomfortable. Then Russell would meet her at the front of the school, and it was off to the gym. At least there her clothes were a little more forgiving. The shorts and t-shirts although tight, and getting tighter, were more comfortable than the blouses and slacks that she had to wear during school hours.

Other than offering the chance to escape from her mother’s eye and to eat as she pleased, Ellie found the classes boring and was having trouble staying focused. She knew she couldn’t just drop out, although that would have embarrassed her mother, but then she would have just been stuck at home with her. Instead as she explored the school she found the culinary wing. A quick meeting with her guidance counselor later and next semester she’d be a part of the culinary arts program. Although she had no real interest in cooking, surely the students would need to do some sampling.

And that’s how Ellie’s days went for those first few months of school. Boring classes, followed by unsuccessful gym sessions and then the evil eye from her mother. It did start to seem as though her mother was giving up fighting with Ellie about her weight, which was sort of disappointing to her. She liked to think that each extra calorie that she consumed was a little slap to her mother’s face. Every time she outgrew an article of clothing was a small victory. She may be the only one aware of it, but she felt as though she were winning her battle of the bulge, only her reward was adding pounds of fat, not losing them. She found that she was becoming proud of her body, it was something that she had chosen to do and it was going very well.

Sometimes after a successful weigh-in with Carrie, she would sneak as much food into her room as she could. After everyone had gone to sleep, she would lock her door and strip down to her underwear, or even get completely naked and watch herself eat in her mirror, imagining herself getting fatter and fatter. Cupcakes, pastries, donuts, snack cakes. She would eat it all, eventually sitting back into bed cradling her stuffed, bloated belly. Then, full, she would open a box of chocolates and watch as she slowly devoured the box. Her already full belly struggling to handle the last barrage of calories.  She loved watching her swelling arms, one holding the box, the other ferrying chocolate to her mouth. They looked so round and plump.

When it finally came time to start her culinary classes, she had been a little disappointed in them. There was a lot of standing and the kitchens could get pretty warm. Although she had missed the first semester, the classes were still covering the basics and she was able to keep up for the most part. If she continued next year, she may have to think about an area that she’d like to specialize in. The first few dishes they prepared were dainty little meals that you might find at a fancy restaurant. They tasted all right, but Ellie wanted more.

She got her wish in a few weeks when the classes switched from mains to desserts. She knew instantly that this is where she’d spend the rest of her school life. There was some work to get the recipes started; the mixing and rolling made her soft body jiggle. But often she could rest as things baked in the ovens, the classroom filling with sweet aromas. Then she could sample. Not just hers, but the rest of the class as well. She quickly learned who the better cooks were and knew that she was not one of them.

The chef training outfits were very unforgiving; the strong material had little to no give. She would have needed a new uniform at some point, but now eating fresh baking and desserts had her struggling to fasten buttons after the first week of her new classes. She loved the feeling of the material being so packed with fat, so packed with her. But one morning before class, she just couldn’t fit her arms in the sleeves any more and she had to get a larger size. Ellie missed the tightness, but had to admit that it was easier to move around in a looser fitting coat and pants. And Ellie knew that she would get to feel the tightness again soon.

Although not one of the more skilled cooks in the class, Ellie did develop a good sense of taste. She soon became a popular sounding board for some of the more skilled students, who would seek her input on some of their desserts. Input she was more than happy to provide.

She also found herself making friends for the first time in a long time. She was no longer a complete outcast; she was a valuable asset to her fellow classmates. As her classmates got to know her they got to meet the real Ellie, and for people as passionate about food as these students, her extra weight was easier to look past. Her new friends would help her with her technique and give her some tips on timing in exchange for her thoughts on their finished products.

The extra help kept her grades up, she wasn’t near the top of her class, but she was doing better all of the time. She was pretty sure she could never work in a kitchen; maybe she could get a job as a taste tester though. She would love to work in a bakery, but she imagined anyone thinking about hiring her would be afraid of her eating everything.

A day of grazing through class would leave her quite bloated by the time she was dropped off at the gym. Carrie would meet her with a tentative smile, and then wait for Ellie to change. Although she felt as though she was doing less than ever, she found the workout sessions more and more of a struggle. She did follow through as best she could though, sweating and jiggling for almost a half hour before she would retreat to the pool to cool down.

Ellie’s mom had noticed that her daughter certainly wasn’t getting any thinner but was at her wits end as to what to do. She always made excuses as to why Ellie didn’t attend certain functions, hiding the fact that she simply didn’t want to be embarrassed by her swelling daughter. Another birthday had rolled around. Other families had extravagant parties for their daughters, but the thought of celebrating her daughter’s continuing expansion seemed perverse. She was bigger than ever, especially compared to Mary. When seated together it was hard to tell they were related, Mary looked thin and proper, while Ellie bulged out of her clothes, spreading to three times Mary’s width.

It came to a head one hot August afternoon. It was the social calendar planning committees summer meeting to get ready for the fall schedule. Ellie’s mother proudly opened the French patio doors to the back deck and pool where she had planned a light lunch with cocktails for the group.

She heard a gasp and turned to see what the problem was. In the middle of the pool, barely staying afloat was her daughter relaxing on a floating pool lounger. In one hand was a large creamy beverage of some sort and resting on her expansive belly was a large snack bowl. Ellie’s mother tried to scream, but nothing came out. All of the other members of the social group looked at her with pity, obviously feeling embarrassed for her.

Finally she regained enough composure to ask the ladies to take a seat on the deck, guiding them so their backs would be to the pool, although all the ladies turned and strained their necks to view the upcoming confrontation.

Ellie was enjoying the moment; she pretended to not have noticed the arrival of the ladies through her dark sunglasses. She had planned this for weeks. She had managed to find a perfect match of material for the skimpy bikini Mary had gotten her for her birthday ten months ago and paid a seamstress to make one in her size. She’d been first measured for it two months ago, and even with the alterations it was quite snug, and did nothing but expose how truly fat she had become. Ellie fought the urge to smile as a thin shadow appeared over her, blocking a strip of the sun.

“Just what do you think you’re doing,” hissed Ellie’s mother.

“Catching some rays, mom.” Ellie replied with a straight face.

“I want you to put some clothes on and get inside this instant,” Ellie’s mother continued. “This is a very important group of ladies and I will not let you embarrass me in front of them.”

“Well we wouldn’t want that, now would we.” Ellie said before finishing off her drink with a loud slurp. Ellie placed the drink glass in the arm holder and leisurely paddled over to a ladder at one end of the pool. She placed the empty chip bowl at the edge of the pool, and started to try and free herself from the pool lounger. Her fat hips were wedged quite tightly, and as she pulled herself over to get out, the chair turned with her making quite a large splash. Ellie wiggled her fat ass a little and the chair broke free, floating back to the centre of the pool. Ellie was going to go get it.

“Just leave it,” her mother hissed, turning redder by the minute.

“Okay mom,” Ellie said as she turned back toward the ladder. Ellie slowly pulled herself up out of the pool. Her weight had climbed to around 350 lbs. and the skimpy bikini showed every roll. Ellie turned to squeeze through the top of the ladder, giving the spying ladies a full frontal of her large flabby belly. It hung out in front of her covering the bikini bottoms and jiggled as she wriggled out of the ladder. She leaned back a little so that it would stick out even farther.

Ellie then bent down to retrieve her empty chip bowl causing her belly rolls to cram together and push out to the sides and up, raising her swollen breasts into her chins and face. As she slowly rose she could feel her mothers eyes staring at her. Ellie pretended to brush something off of her belly, causing it to jiggle.

“Would you please put on some clothes Ellie,” her mother demanded.

“I just came out like this mom,” Ellie replied lifting her chubby arms and letting them drop to her sides, causing more jiggling of her soft flesh.

Ellie’s mother stared at her daughter. She couldn’t believe how fat she had become. Her belly swelled in front of her five-foot frame and hung down, resting on fat thighs that were thicker than a woman’s waist should be. Ellie’s fat thighs looked like overstuffed sausages, with the skin trying to contain them, although the backs of Ellie’s thighs and buttocks had begun to dimple with cellulite. A couple of dimples were the only remains of her knees, which led to equally fat calves and, by god, even her feet were fat!

Ellie’s mom was speechless. “Well wrap up in a towel,” she finally spit out.

Ellie grabbed the towel she had brought out. She had made sure to grab one of the smaller bath towels instead of the large pool towels. She pulled it around behind her waist and looked up at her mother when the towel left several inches between corners. There was no way the towel would tie up around Ellie’s fat body, let alone hide any of her size as she waddled past the Social Committee.

Ellie shrugged as her mother stared at her with daggers and turned to go back into the house. She pulled the too small towel up and tossed it around her soft shoulders. She jogged up the stairs of the deck to where her mothers’ friends were pretending to not be paying attention. The jog almost caused her flabby breasts to bounce out of the straining bikini top while the rest of her rolls bounced in step.

“Hi Mrs. Van-Heusen, Mrs. Feinstein,” Ellie said to the ladies who tried to act nonchalant as Ellie’s breasts and belly swayed as she waddled over to them. “It’s me, Ellie,” she continued while holding out a chubby hand to shake. The ladies gently took her hand as though some of her fatness may be contagious. Ellie however, gave each hand a vigorous shake sending waves though her well padded upper arms and torso.

Just then Condoleezza appeared with the ladies lunch. “Oh, you don’t mind do you,” Ellie asked as she grabbed two of the dainty sandwiches and started eating. “Swimming makes me hungry.”

“It didn’t look like you were doing much swimming.” Snickered Mrs. Handan, the third lady of the group. The other ladies smiled in agreement.

“Ellie, you have such pretty eyes,” Mrs. Van-Heusen added. “Maybe you should cut back on your eating and watch your weight for your mother.”

“Oh, I watch my weight for my mother,” Ellie replied as she stuffed a third sandwich in her mouth and grabbed a fourth. “Nice seeing all of you again.” Ellie said as she turned and continued into the house. The ladies stared at Ellie’s wide bottom as she bounced through the French doors.

“Yes, nice seeing all of you too,” laughed Mrs. Feinstein with the other ladies as an embarrassed mother joined them.

A few hours and several martinis later the Social committee meeting ended. Not much was accomplished as the three guests tried to offer suggestions to Ellie’s mother as to what she should do with her incredibly fat daughter. Everything had already been tried and Ellie’s mother tried to drown her embarrassment in booze.

When she finally stumbled into the house she found Ellie watching TV from a stool at the kitchen counter still in her skimpy bikini. Ellie was leaning forward with an elbow on the counter supporting her chin in that hand. This caused her stomach to hang down, forcing her fat legs apart. Her heavy breasts rested on the counter while she stuffed cookies in her mouth with her other hand. Empty packages and ice cream containers were piled beside her. From behind her bottom pressed against the back of the stool, fat peaking out between the thin black metal balusters. A large crease formed as the soft flesh of her back met the fat of her ass and thick rolls formed at her sides as her daughters body found new places to store more fat.

Her mother hadn’t said anything. Ellie didn’t know if she was too drunk or too angry or a combination of the two. The next day her mother handed her a key.

“Here,” she said coldly. “You want to lounge around stuffing your face, getting bigger and bigger and embarrassing me. Go do it somewhere else. It’s a nice enough place. It even has an elevator, your father’s idea. I thought the stairs would be good for you, but whatever. Pack your things. Just go.”

It was a nice apartment and in a nice neighbourhood and close to school. Ellie actually really liked it, and liked being away from her family. Even though Ellie wasn’t under her mother’s watchful eye anymore, she found her appetite continuing to grow. Ellie had thought that she only pushed herself to embarrass her mother, but she noticed complete strangers shock in her gluttony pleased her as well. Although she could now fluff off her gym membership, she continued to go regularly, even still working out with her trainer, Carrie.

Poor Carrie. Ellie was her least successful client. She had gained weight at every single weigh-in. She often arrived early and finished her fast food in the lounge. On one occasion her had had a pizza delivered which she ate while lounging by the hot tub. Today she had on an impossibly tight yellow spandex outfit. Rolls of fat protruded from every edge of the clothing, while seems struggled to contain their overstuffed occupant.

She was leisurely walking at one of the treadmills. A large chocolate bar in one hand and a bottle of Dr. Pepper in the other. Ellie had gotten wide enough that the fat of her hips pressed against the side rails. The exposed fat of her belly wobbled up and down with every slow step. Ellie's fat flesh glistened with sweat even though she was on the lowest level and directly below the air conditioner vent.

Ellie saw Carrie watching her and waved a fleshy arm. Smiling she said, “Really working up a sweat today coach!” Then she took another bite of her chocolate bar. Carrie smiled back. She genuinely liked Ellie, but wasn’t sure she wanted people to know Ellie, easily the fattest person at the gym, was being coached by her.

After the treadmill Ellie got herself another soda and headed for the mats. She slowly lowered herself to the ground and started to do sit-ups. Ellie's large belly swelled in to the air and wobbled as she struggled through her first attempt at a sit up. As usual she gave up shortly and rolled on to her side to start struggling to her feet. Ellie took a seat on a bench and breathed heavily. Once she had caught her breath, Ellie laid down face first on the bench to do the hamstring curls. Ellie's soft body squished up in rolls and her large breasts pushed up into her face. Since the bench was only a foot wide, much of Ellie’s soft body could be seen hanging over the sides. Once in position, and already breathing heavily, Carrie could see that there was no way Ellie would be able to perform the exercise. Her large belly and fat thighs simply put her out of position to use the machine.

“Why don’t you just try to lift your legs up, Ellie?” Carrie suggested. “Don’t worry about adding extra weight.”

“I don’t worry about extra weight coach,” Ellie smiled.
For Ellie’s birthday later that year she received another gym membership, this time with a staff trainer. Apparently Ellie’s mother was getting tired of paying extra towards an endeavor that was clearly failing. “Oh wonderful,” smiled Ellie after looking at the card. “Thanks mom and dad.”

“I hope you use it this time Ellie,” her mom replied looking down her nose at her expanding daughter. In the months that had followed the promise to take her weight seriously, all Ellie had done was become fatter and fatter.

“I’ll go as often as I can.” She replied.

“You can go directly from school. And on the weekends, of course, you'll have even more time that you can spend there. Everything is set up, right Allan,” Ellie’s mom added as she turned towards Ellie’s Dad.

“Whatever you say, Shannon.” Ellie’s dad took this opportunity to leave. “I’ll be by the pool,” he said as he got up to go. Although he never really gave Ellie any trouble about her weight, he was too meek around his wife to defend Ellie, which she found just as hurtful.

Ellie’s sister, Mary, got her a size two bikini. “Oh I like the colors,” Ellie said, standing up and holding it next to her body. It looked like she may be able to get the bikini’s waist up to her chubby knee.

“It’s for when you lose all your fat,” Mary said, “like a goal.”

“Oh, I don’t know, the material’s pretty stretchy.” Ellie joked.

“Don’t even think of it Ellie,” snapped her mother, not known for her sense of humor. “That much flesh should not be on display.”

“Yeah, don’t ruin it fatty,” Mary said as she snapped the swimsuit from Ellie’s chubby fingers. “I’ll wear it until you loose like a tonne.”

“I don’t need to lose that much,” Ellie said as she watched Mary hold the bikini top up to her thin chest.

“Whatever, a bet you could lose a hundred pounds and still be fat,” Mary said rolling her eyes as she started to leave the family room.

Ellie scrunched her nose as she did the math. If she lost 100 pounds she would be pretty close to 150 pounds. A weight that would make her mother happier for sure, but probably still too fat and anyways that was something she had no interest in achieving. “You can’t leave yet Mary,” Ellie called out, “we haven’t had my birthday cake yet.”

“Ellie, I assumed you wouldn’t want a cake,” Ellie’s mother said getting up to leave as well, “I mean, you certainly don’t need the calories.”

“You’re right mom,” Ellie tried to hold back the sarcasm. “Who would want cake on their birthday?"

“So I can go then,” huffed Mary as she headed for the stairs carrying her “present” for Ellie.

“Yes dear,” Ellie’s mom said as she got to her feet, “I’m sure we all have something better to do.”

“I know I do,” Thought Ellie as she heaved her self to her feet as well. “Time for my birthday present to myself.” Ellie smiled as she headed up to her room and locked the door. She opened her closet and went to the back of it. Under the increasingly large pile of clothes that were too small, she lowered herself to her knees and pulled out a large box.

“So mother,” Ellie said to herself as she opened the box to reveal a huge selection of chocolates and other treats. “You got your fat daughter a gym membership for her birthday.” Ellie reached in and pulled out a large box of chocolates. “Don’t you think she would have enjoyed this more,” Ellie continued as she started popping the rich treats in her mouth. She had fought the urge to open her stash for weeks knowing she’d enjoy it more today. Ellie repeated some of her family’s comments to herself as she ate, like “Don’t ruin it fatty,” then Ellie stuffed a handful of M&Ms into her mouth.

She got to her feet and carried the treasure chest back to her bed. As she stood up her snug top rode up her fat belly, “That much flesh should not be on display,” popped into head as she dumped the food onto her bed and lay down beside it. She opened a bag of dill pickle chips and dug in as she turned on her TV.  The first program she saw was an infomercial for fitness equipment featuring women less than half Ellie’s size training and dropping pounds. “Poor things don’t know what they’re missing,” she thought as she finished the chips and opened a box of Super Stuffed Oreos. She ate her way through her stash of fattening treats that afternoon, watching crappy movies with thin heroines and music videos with talentless bimbos.

When Pretty Women ended Ellie grabbed the sides of her belly and shook it smiling, “How much would you pay for all this, Richard. Lucky I don’t charge by the pound.”

Just then, Ellie heard someone try to come in her room. It was her mother. “Ellie, what are you doing in there, why is this door locked?”

“I’m changing mom,” Ellie called out as she turned and sat up knocking several chocolate bar wrappers to the floor. “I didn’t want you to see all my flesh on display,“ Ellie smiled as she rubbed her swollen belly resting on her fat thighs.

“Well dinners almost ready and it looks like Condoleezza’s prepared something special for you so get dressed and come down.”

Ellie got to her feet and surveyed the damage. There were empty wrappers and snack bags all over her bed and her secret stash was almost empty. “I’ll have to clean this up later, I’d better change first.” Ellie had unbuttoned her tight shorts while she pigged out and didn’t feel up to struggling to re-button them so she started pulling them off. Her expanded belly with its’ freshly added extra girth made it difficult and she was a little out of breath. She decided on comfort and pulled out her baggy sweats. As she took off her top she paused to admire her afternoons efforts in the mirror. She turned sideways to see how far her belly protruded in front of her. She noticed that what used to be a fold in her stomach was increasing. “Soon I’ll have two bellies,” she said to herself as she felt how the folds wrapped around to her hips and thick love handles. She stopped gazing at herself to pull on her sweat pants and top. She was surprised to see that they weren’t as baggy as they used to be and really emphasized how large her belly and ass were getting.

Ellie took one more admiring glance in the mirror, rubbing her fat belly she smiled, “All for you mom.”

Slowly coming down the stars Ellie could smell Pasta Primavera coming from the kitchen. Condoleezza made it heavenly, but had been forbidden to make it as Ellie’s weight increased. Even though she had pigged out on junk food all afternoon, Ellie’s mouth watered as thoughts of the thick creamy and fattening sauce entered her mind.

“Jesus sis,” Ellie’s sister said as she entered the dining room, “You look fatter than you did this morning. What have you been eating?”

“Oh, Mary,” Ellie said with a laugh, “what do you think I’ve been doing? I spent all afternoon stuffing my fat face with chocolate and candy.” It was the truth, but Ellie made sure for it to sound like a joke.

“Ha, ha, fatty.” Mary said as she sipped from a glass of water.

Ellie eagerly sat down and waited for her special meal to be brought out. First came portions for her father and mother, then Mary and then when it was her turn, Condoleezza presented a plate with barely a mouthful of Pasta and sauce on it, over shadowed by a leafy green salad.

“When I saw what Condoleezza had prepared I told her you could only have a taste,” Ellie’s mom said as if she was doing Ellie a huge favor. “I can only imagine how much you’d eat if you had your way.”

“Mmmm,” cooed Mary as she too took a bite. “This is heavenly. Thank God I don’t have to worry about my weight. I just might have seconds.”

“Careful Mary,” Ellie said, “mom doesn’t want another fat daughter.”

“That’s right Mary,” Their mother interjected, “You’ll have that serving and nothing more.”

Mary continued to over exaggerate her enjoyment of supper while Ellie ate her salad and sipped water.

“Don’t you feel better having controlled your appetite Ellie,” her mother smiled.

“You know mom,” Ellie said truthfully, “I do feel kind of full,” then she thought back to the piles of junk food she’d consumed that afternoon.

“What you need is some self control.” Ellie’s mom finished her glass of wine then emptied what was left and continued. “You don’t see Mary or I over indulge.” She looked back and forth between her two daughters. “Even your father,” she added with a nod as Ellie’s dad got up to leave. “He enjoyed his supper, but now he’ll go out to the pool house and get some exercise.” Shannon watched him leave. “I know when he’s over indulged at the club too. Sometimes he’ll get up from bed and head out there. Probably to burn off all the scotch he drank.”

Later that night Ellie snuck down do the kitchen. Ellie knew Condoleezza would have made lots of extra Pasta Primavera. Condoleezza knew that Ellie enjoyed her food and didn’t have a problem with someone eating his or her fill. Ellie found a 2-quart dish full of leftovers on the bottom shelf of the fridge. Licking her lips, Ellie took it right to the counter and pulled up a stool, without even warming it up. Shoveling the pasta and sauce in her mouth, Ellie closed her eyes, as she tasted the creamy sauce and rich flavors. She didn’t stop until it was done. Then quietly put the dishes in the dishwasher.

Now full, she could feel her pajama bottoms digging in to her soft belly so she pulled the front down below her lowest fat roll. Ellie could feel the material clinging to her widening ass and thighs. The t-shirt she slept in was tight when she put it on to go to bed, now it rode up her growing stomach. She almost hoped her mother would catch her in this state, with her belly hanging out of her clothes and her always expanding butt almost bursting the seems of her sleep pants. As she padded down the hall in the quiet of the night she smiled at the feeling of all the different parts of her body jiggling and bouncing.

The jiggling came to a sudden stop as she almost bowled her father over. “Ellie.” He let out surprised, trying to keep his voice down. “What are you doing up?”

“I was just getting a little snack,” Ellie said as she tried unsuccessfully to pull her top down. “I was a little hungry.” Her dad took in the bare belly escaping from her clothes and then looked back up to her eyes. “Are you going out to the pool house?”

“What?” Her dad seemed a little flustered. Ellie assumed seeing his daughter bursting from her clothes put him a little off balance.

“For one of your workouts?”

“Yeah,” he said, still looking uncertain. “I have a rowing machine out there. I go out there and row.”

“Okay dad,” Ellie said as she stepped to the side so he could continue on his way. “Maybe I should start rowing like you, I bet that would make mom happy.”

Her dad made a face, and then gave his oldest daughter a weak, but long hug. “I don’t know what would make your mother happy,” he said before pulling away, and then he quickly headed down the steps.

That morning her mother told her that her first gym appointment was for 10:00 a.m. and that she’d better be ready. Ellie groggily rolled out of bed and got to her feet. After a quick stop at the bathroom she headed downstairs. She could hear her mother talking to Condoleezza.

“Make sure you get rid of any of the leftovers from last night Condoleezza,” she said in her sharp tone. “I don’t want Ellie getting in to them.”

“Yes ma’am,” replied Condoleezza as Ellie’s mother left the kitchen.

Ellie walked up beside Condoleezza and whispered, “It was delicious,” as she rubbed her tummy rolls.

Condoleezza had a knowing smile on her face as she got out a plate and some dishes for Ellie.

“How would you like your eggs, Miss Ellie?” she asked as she turned on the stove.

“Do we have any cheese?” Ellie asked. “I’d love an omelet.” Ellie reached over and grabbed a fresh muffin from a bowl on the table. Ellie finished her third muffin as Condoleezza put her omelet in front of her. Condoleezza had found some bacon as well as cheese and mixed that together with the six eggs Ellie had requested.

Ellie was putting the last forkful in her mouth when her mother came in. “What did you eat for breakfast?” She asked looking over Ellie's shoulder at the empty plate.

“Just some dry eggs mom,” Ellie said dejectedly. Condoleezza wouldn’t let me have the bacon I asked for.”

“Good for you Condoleezza,” her mother smiled. “Now go get ready. The limo will be here to take you to the gym shortly.”

Ellie slid off of the breakfast stool and decided not to adjust her tight sleep top, which had once again ridden up, revealing several inches of belly fat and Ellie's thick love handles.

Her mother could only shake her head, as she stared at her expanding daughter. “I hope this gym can do something with you Ellie. You certainly have done a lot of damage to what little figure you had.”

Ellie paused at that moment and pretended she noticed something on the floor. She quickly bent down and smiled as her strained sleep pants split down the middle. Slowly getting up, Ellie tried not to laugh when she saw the looks on her mothers and Condoleezza’s faces. “I thought I saw a piece of chocolate on the floor,” she said as innocently as she could, then she hurried to her room. Her quickened pace made her exposed fat jiggle all the more.

“Do you have a garbage?” Ellie asked Carrie, her new fitness instructor. Ellie took one final slurp of the extra large triple thick chocolate milkshake and passed it to Carrie. She was always able to bribe Russell to stop for fast food. She’d polished of two super sized breakfast meals on the way to the gym and was wishing she’d ordered extra hash browns as well.

“Thanks,” said Ellie as she rested her hands on her substantial belly. Carrie was filling out a report, so she could help Ellie meet her goals. ”Okay, Ellie,” Carrie continued, “How much weight do you want to loose?”

“Why do you think I need to loose weight,” Ellie asked with a straight face. She then pretended to try and cross her legs, something she’d stop doing 40 pounds ago. She gave up when her rolls proved to be too much of an obstacle.

Carrie was wide-eyed and red faced. “Oh it’s just a standard question, I didn’t mean anything by it. Um, let’s skip that one. Your mother was kind enough to forward your reports from your last gym.”

“That’s my mother,” Ellie smiled as she reached into her workout bag and pulled out a snickers bar. “For energy,” she said after taking a large bite while Carrie looked on with wider eyes.

“Um, okay,” Carrie, continued. “It says here that your last goal was to loose at least 40 pounds. Do you want to keep that goal?”

“That was probably my mother’s goal. Next question.” Ellie said as she finished the chocolate bar.

“Well,” Carrie started, “how about we just do a weigh in and head right to the gym. I see here when you started at the last gym you were 160…” Carries voice trailed off as she looked up at the now much larger Ellie.

Ellie slowly got up from the chair, “I bet my mom would love to see me at 160 now,” Ellie said with a mischievous smile as she rubbed her fat belly. “Let’s see the damage.”

Ellie stepped up on the scale and Carrie started sliding the manual weights over to get a reading. Ellie smiled as Carrie moved larger weights over. “Okay,” Carrie said as the scale started to balance out. “We’re looking at 265.” She looked up at Ellie apologetically, as though she had somehow made the number so high.

Ellie was a little surprised. She knew she was well over two hundred pounds but she had thought she was probably up to around 230. “Nice round number,” was all Ellie said as she stepped down and headed out to the gym. Carrie paused to write down Ellie’s weight and glanced over at the form from the old gym. She looked at the date of the last weigh in and did some quick math.

Carrie let out a whistle as the answer came to her. “That was about 14 months ago.” She watched Ellie waddle out to the gym and wondered what she had gotten herself into.

“How about we start on the inclined bike Ellie,” Carrie said with a smile.

“Oh, they used to always start me on the tread mill,” Ellie said surprised.

“Well the tread mill can be hard on the knees for someone who weighs as… I mean someone of your, you see the inclined bike takes a lot of weight off…” Carrie struggled to explain as politically correct as she could.

Ellie let her flounder a bit then interjected, “I get it. You’re worried someone as fat as me will hurt their knees. Okay lets try this bike.”

Ellie got on the bike and laughed at Carrie. “I don’t know Carrie, I feel like there’s a lot of weight on my knees.” Ellie smiled as she jiggled her belly that was resting on her fat thighs. Her feet were still on the floor and it didn’t look like she’d be able to peddle the bike with all of that belly fat in the way.

“We may have to move the seat back a bit for you,” Carrie said as Ellie slowly got up from the low bike. Carrie adjusted the seat as far back as it would go and Ellie tried again. With the seat back Ellie was reclined enough that less of her belly rested on her thighs, but it was quite a stretch for her short, plump legs to reach the pedals. Ellie tentatively pumped the pedals and laughed as her belly bobbed up and down.

“How does that feel Ellie?” Carrie asked with a smile.

“Like exercise,” Ellie replied.
Ellie’s mom had been furious when she had found out about one of her daughters spending time with a common club employee. Even if it had just been Ellie, the thought of anyone at her club gaining knowledge of this was just too unbearable. If I hadn’t left, Ellie’s mom had put a backup plan in place. The threats from the police officer had been serious. They would have charged me even without Ellie’s word. No matter the outcome, my name would be tarnished and I would carry the accusations with me for the rest of my life, her mother would make sure of that.

All of this only widened the divide between Ellie and her mom. Like before, Ellie's mom berated her and continually mentioned Ellie’s appearance and weight. Whether it was commenting on the fit of her clothes, her portions at dinner or just coming out and telling her that, “she’d better lose weight soon or she’d never find a decent man to marry her.”

Ellie, of course, had always hoped for her mother’s approval and did try to diet and exercise but the more she tried the more she failed. She had hoped that if she could please her mother on some level, maybe there was a chance their relationship could improve. After a particularly strenuous workout session Ellie remembered going home to soak in the tub. After her soak she headed downstairs to get some fruit and a drink of juice. While opening the fridge Ellie could hear her moms shrill voice on the phone. “Uh oh,” thought Ellie, “she only talks to people like that when she’s really pissed.”

Ellie paused to listen the conversation. Although she could only hear her mom’s side, she quickly understood what and whom it was about. “Just what am I paying you for?” her mom hissed. “I just watched my daughter waddle up the stairs. She’s fatter than ever, no thanks to you. We hired you to make her presentable and look at her. She’s busting out of her clothes. How am I supposed to take her anywhere? I’d be a laughing stock. No don’t bother. She won’t be needing your useless services anymore.” The conversation ended with a slam.

Ellie looked at the mango in her hand and then down at her body. She had weighed 145 lbs. when she left the fitness center today. 145 lbs. and her witch of a mother thought she was too fat to be seen with. She was embarrassed to be seen with her own daughter. She put the fruit back and opened the freezer. A thought began forming in her repressed mind. She grabbed some ice cream and quietly walked back to her room. Before Ellie could indulge in her treat though, her mother burst into her room, startling her.

“Is this what you’ve been doing,” her mother asked angrily, “sneaking food and stuffing your face in private?”

“No mother, I just…” Ellie didn’t know what to say. She felt as if she had been caught stealing money. She could almost feel that undeveloped thought get snuffed out like a candle flame.

“No wonder you’re getting fat Ellie,” her mother snatched the ice cream from Ellie’s trembling hands. “I’ve made arrangements for you to start seeing a new trainer. Hopefully this one will teach you some self control as well.” With that her mother left with the ice cream, which soon found its way into the garbage. Ellie was left with her conflicting feelings. She new she had disappointed her mother and it would have been wrong to eat the ice cream, but why should it matter if she’s not as skinny as her sister. Shouldn’t her mother love her the way she is? Why is her mother so embarrassed by her?

The new instructor was more of a drill sergeant. He yelled and screamed at Ellie while she struggled through reps or jogged on a treadmill. The hard work started to pay off though and after three weeks Ellie was looking forward to telling her mother that she’d lost almost five pounds.

As she walked in the house she could hear her mother having one of her ‘spirited’ conversations on the phone. Ellie was surprised to hear her trainers name come up and paused outside her mother’s library to listen in.

“You told me she’d be presentable in two weeks, and in the best shape of her life in a month!” Ellie's mother growled into the phone. There was a pause as the trainer replied. “Do you really think you deserve that bonus? I offered you an extra thousand for every pound she lost but you haven’t kept your side so the deal is off!” Another pause as the trainer pleaded his case. “Fine you can have your money but I better see results!” Then the phone was slammed down.

Ellie felt dejected as she slowly climbed the stairs to her room. She thought she had finally pleased her mother but it still wasn’t enough. “What’s the point," she thought as she flopped onto her bed. “No matter what I do I’ll always be the fat daughter, even if I were skinnier than Mary, mom would just see me as some two hundred pound failure.” Ellie slowly sobbed in her pillow.

What was the point? All she had been trying to do was to make her mother happy. And nothing worked. Nothing. Ellie was miserable. Her mother had forced away her one true friend, the one person on the planet that seemed to want her to be happy. She had sold Butterscotch and all but banished Ellie from the Country Club. Not that there was any reason to go there anymore. And now she couldn’t even enjoy a meal or a relaxing swim. It was all about weights and pounds and fat. Trying to please her mother gave her no reprieve. She was still talked down to, yelled at, made to feel worthless. She was just an embarrassment to her mother. A frayed thread that needed to be plucked.  If only Ellie could stand up to her mother in some way, become a stronger thread. A thicker thread. Slowly a thought reappeared and began to form in her mind. She couldn’t please her mother, so why not displease her.

From that day on Ellie made sure to show up late for all the workouts. As her trainer yelled at her for being late she would smile sweetly and apologize. When she could she tried to bring the remains of her fast food breakfast with her. At least Russell, her driver, liked her and would give in to her requests to hit a drive thru on the way, but depending on traffic sometimes it was all gone. In those cases she bought protein and energy bars from the snack bar until a stern threat from her mother to the fitness club put a stop to that.

Once done a workout, she would shower and change as quickly as she could, sneak out the back and fill her gym bag with forbidden foods from the neighbouring convenience store. Every extra morsel she put into her mouth made her feel like she was fighting back against her mother. It made her feel good.

“Well Ellie,” her mother said with the look that said you better tell me what I want to hear. “Why did you ask me to meet you here.”  They were seated at one of Ellie’s mother’s favourite restaurants. It was very stylish and filled with thin stylish people. Ellie could see how uncomfortable her mother was. She was probably hoping no one would recognize her and realize that the fat girl was one of HER daughters.

It had been approximately six months since Ellie had realized she would never be thin enough for her mother, so she had decided to let her weight move in a different direction. Sneaking food and treats had added almost forty-five pounds to her thickening form, much to her mother’s disgust. At almost 190 lbs. Ellie’s soft body dwarfed her mothers thin, skeletal frame even though she had squeezed into some ‘shaping’ undergarments. The weight seemed to be pileing on almost too easy and she didn’t want to ruin the fun she was having too soon.

Ellie tried to lay it on thick, but not too thick. She had gotten so into pissing off her mother that she was worried she would sound insincere. “I’ve been doing some soul searching mother,” she started, pausing to catch her breath and keep a smile from forming at the corners of her mouth. “And I wanted you to know that I’m going to take my weight more seriously now.”

“Well it’s about time,” her mother quickly interjected. “That top is impossibly tight on you already, someone your size shouldn’t dress so revealingly. Bare arms, Ellie? And I can only imagine how you got into those pants.” Thankfully the waitress appeared before Ellie lost her cool and asked if they would like anything. Ellie noticed she only addressed her mother, and tried not to make eye contact with her, the fat customer.

“House salad and water,” Ellie's mother stated sharply, and then looked towards her daughter. “I suggest you have the same dear.”

“Of course mother,” Ellie smiled.

“And would you like the house dressing,” the waitress asked Ellie’s mother then turning to Ellie, “or the diet dressing?”

“The diet sounds great,” Ellie said continuing to smile.

“I think I can afford the house dressing,” her mother said with a discerning look at her growing daughter.

“You’re going to be going to my school Ellie,” her mother said after the waitress had left. It wasn’t really her mother’s school. She had gone there, as had her aunts and grandmother. Her family even had a wing named after them, but they didn’t own the school. But Ellie knew how her mother viewed the world. Everything belonged to her in some sort of fashion. “There are teachers and faculty there that are very important. They all know who I am, and they will expect a lot from you, just as I do.”

“I’m really looking forward to it, mother.”

Her mother pursed her lips before continuing. “I know that the last while has been difficult for you, but it was no excuse for your grades to slip like they did. I know you’re undisciplined,” her eyes dropped to Ellie's round, soft middle. “But this is a chance to make up for your shortcomings. I got you accepted; I hope you don’t make me regret it. I just wish you could have thinned out. You’ll see my freshman photo in our, my, hall.” Again the thin slips pressed together as her mother’s eyes took in Ellie’s plump form. “These images last forever.”

“I can’t wait to see your picture, mother. I bet you were really something.”

Her mother actually smiled at that. “I remember one social, my freshman year. I had on a white pantsuit, size zero, I’m sure not many of the other girls could have pulled it off like I had.”

Ellie tried not to roll her eyes, “Wow, a size zero. You must have driven all the boys wild, mom.”

“Hmmm?” her mother replied, lost in the memory. “Actually I think most boys were a bit intimidated by me. But that night, a young man by the name of Allan Shepherd was so bold as to approach me.”


“Yes, I think he had been drinking a little, and I don’t think he knew who I was, but he certainly showed me what he was interested in that night.”

Ellie tried not to picture her stick thin mother being groped by her drunken father. Thankfully the salads arrived as a distraction.

“There Ellie,” her mother said approvingly as her daughter took a bite of the bitter greens. “If you can just eat more sensibly like this from now on, most of that fat will melt away.”

While chewing, Ellie tried to smile. The thought of sneaking out for ice cream after this ‘meal’ helped, but Ellie was pleased with how things were going. She was sure she had her mother convinced that she was going to diet down to a “respectable size”. Little did Ellie’s mother know she had a completely different meaning in mind when she told her she’d decided to take her weight more seriously.


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