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Filled with Revenge Part III
For Ellie’s birthday later that year she received another gym membership, this time with a staff trainer. Apparently Ellie’s mother was getting tired of paying extra towards an endeavor that was clearly failing. “Oh wonderful,” smiled Ellie after looking at the card. “Thanks mom and dad.”
“I hope you use it this time Ellie,” her mom replied looking down her nose at her expanding daughter. In the months that had followed the promise to take her weight seriously, all Ellie had done was become fatter and fatter.
“I’ll go as often as I can.” She replied.
“You can go directly from school. And on the weekends, of course, you'll have even more time that you can spend there. Everything is set up, right Allan,” Ellie’s mom added as she turned towards Ellie’s Dad.
“Whatever you say, Shannon.” Ellie’s dad took this opportunity to leave. “I’ll be by the pool,” he said as he
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Filled with Revenge Part II
Ellie’s mom had been furious when she had found out about one of her daughters spending time with a common club employee. Even if it had just been Ellie, the thought of anyone at her club gaining knowledge of this was just too unbearable. If I hadn’t left, Ellie’s mom had put a backup plan in place. The threats from the police officer had been serious. They would have charged me even without Ellie’s word. No matter the outcome, my name would be tarnished and I would carry the accusations with me for the rest of my life, her mother would make sure of that.
All of this only widened the divide between Ellie and her mom. Like before, Ellie's mom berated her and continually mentioned Ellie’s appearance and weight. Whether it was commenting on the fit of her clothes, her portions at dinner or just coming out and telling her that, “she’d better lose weight soon or she’d never find a decent man to marry her.”
Ellie, of course, had always ho
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Filled with Revenge Part I
Every time I open this door my mind travels back to the first time I walked through it. My life changed for the better and all it took was the turn of a handle. It’s amazing how something so small, became something so big.
I remember how nervous I was when I tentatively walked through that door, not knowing what to expect. I hadn’t seen or heard from her in over three years. It had ended badly to say the least. Not the way we had wanted, but we were young and felt powerless. The fact that it had been her mother that had called and requested me to go see her made it all the more puzzling. Her parents, especially her mother, had never cared for me, or I guess, my position in their social circle. I don’t think they ever got to know me well enough to decide if they liked or disliked me.
When I first met Ellie, I was a handler at the riding stables that housed her horse, Butterscotch. At first I took her coolness towards me as snobbishness, typical of the young women who r
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Growth Period
Taking some time off from school had seemed like a great idea. She could relax, unwind, get refocused. Did she really want to pursue politics? Was there a better path for her to follow? The extra time would give her a chance to consider her options more and make sure she set out in the right direction when she did finalize her course selections. Plus, there were things she wanted to do, and things she wanted to devote more time to. She’d have more time for Capoeira and Tae Kwon Do. It would be a year just about her, then she could put all her attentions back into school and not feel like she had wasted this period of her life buried in books.
Unfortunately most of her friends had gone off to university or college so it had been a bit quiet, she had been okay with that, since she had planned on focusing on herself anyways, but at times she did find herself getting bored. She had caught up on a lot of reading, and when she wasn’t reading there were lots of TV shows to binge o
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Based on this as a scene:
And this character:
“Donuts? Really?”
“Uhhggg!” Chloe sighed. “Would you leave me alone and let me finish my lunch?”
“Umm, in case you’ve forgotten,” Ashley, reminded Chloe, “you just left a buffet?”
“Yeah, but someone was hassling me the entire time and I didn’t get to finish my lunch.” Chloe rolled her eyes and then shoved another donut in her mouth.
“Trust me you ate enough!”
“Harrumph!” Chloe mumbled through stuffed cheeks before swallowing. “Lunch is a meal. A meal isn’t over until you’re full. I’m not full. So lunch isn’t over.” She took another bite of donut. Powdered sugar exploded from her mouth, as she che
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For Ellie’s birthday later that year she received another gym membership, this time with a staff trainer. Apparently Ellie’s mother was getting tired of paying extra towards an endeavor that was clearly failing. “Oh wonderful,” smiled Ellie after looking at the card. “Thanks mom and dad.”

“I hope you use it this time Ellie,” her mom replied looking down her nose at her expanding daughter. In the months that had followed the promise to take her weight seriously, all Ellie had done was become fatter and fatter.

“I’ll go as often as I can.” She replied.

“You can go directly from school. And on the weekends, of course, you'll have even more time that you can spend there. Everything is set up, right Allan,” Ellie’s mom added as she turned towards Ellie’s Dad.

“Whatever you say, Shannon.” Ellie’s dad took this opportunity to leave. “I’ll be by the pool,” he said as he got up to go. Although he never really gave Ellie any trouble about her weight, he was too meek around his wife to defend Ellie, which she found just as hurtful.

Ellie’s sister, Mary, got her a size two bikini. “Oh I like the colors,” Ellie said, standing up and holding it next to her body. It looked like she may be able to get the bikini’s waist up to her chubby knee.

“It’s for when you lose all your fat,” Mary said, “like a goal.”

“Oh, I don’t know, the material’s pretty stretchy.” Ellie joked.

“Don’t even think of it Ellie,” snapped her mother, not known for her sense of humor. “That much flesh should not be on display.”

“Yeah, don’t ruin it fatty,” Mary said as she snapped the swimsuit from Ellie’s chubby fingers. “I’ll wear it until you loose like a tonne.”

“I don’t need to lose that much,” Ellie said as she watched Mary hold the bikini top up to her thin chest.

“Whatever, a bet you could lose a hundred pounds and still be fat,” Mary said rolling her eyes as she started to leave the family room.

Ellie scrunched her nose as she did the math. If she lost 100 pounds she would be pretty close to 150 pounds. A weight that would make her mother happier for sure, but probably still too fat and anyways that was something she had no interest in achieving. “You can’t leave yet Mary,” Ellie called out, “we haven’t had my birthday cake yet.”

“Ellie, I assumed you wouldn’t want a cake,” Ellie’s mother said getting up to leave as well, “I mean, you certainly don’t need the calories.”

“You’re right mom,” Ellie tried to hold back the sarcasm. “Who would want cake on their birthday.”

“So I can go then,” huffed Mary as she headed for the stairs carrying her “present” for Ellie.

“Yes dear,” Ellie’s mom said as she got to her feet, “I’m sure we all have something better to do.”

“I know I do,” Thought Ellie as she heaved her self to her feet as well. “Time for my birthday present to myself.” Ellie smiled as she headed up to her room and locked the door. She opened her closet and went to the back of it. Under the increasingly large pile of clothes that were too small, she lowered herself to her knees and pulled out a large box.

“So mother,” Ellie said to herself as she opened the box to reveal a huge selection of chocolates and other treats. “You got your fat daughter a gym membership for her birthday.” Ellie reached in and pulled out a large box of chocolates. “Don’t you think she would have enjoyed this more,” Ellie continued as she started popping the rich treats in her mouth. She had fought the urge to open her stash for weeks knowing she’d enjoy it more today. Ellie repeated some of her family’s comments to herself as she ate, like “Don’t ruin it fatty,” then Ellie stuffed a handful of M&Ms into her mouth.

She got to her feet and carried the treasure chest back to her bed. As she stood up her snug top rode up her fat belly, “That much flesh should not be on display,” popped into head as she dumped the food onto her bed and lay down beside it. She opened a bag of dill pickle chips and dug in as she turned on her TV.  The first program she saw was an infomercial for fitness equipment featuring women less than half Ellie’s size training and dropping pounds. “Poor things don’t know what they’re missing,” she thought as she finished the chips and opened a box of Super Stuffed Oreos. She ate her way through her stash of fattening treats that afternoon, watching crappy movies with thin heroines and music videos with talentless bimbos.

When Pretty Women ended Ellie grabbed the sides of her belly and shook it smiling, “How much would you pay for all this, Richard. Lucky I don’t charge by the pound.”

Just then, Ellie heard someone try to come in her room. It was her mother. “Ellie, what are you doing in there, why is this door locked?”

“I’m changing mom,” Ellie called out as she turned and sat up knocking several chocolate bar wrappers to the floor. “I didn’t want you to see all my flesh on display,“ Ellie smiled as she rubbed her swollen belly resting on her fat thighs.

“Well dinners almost ready and it looks like Condoleezza’s prepared something special for you so get dressed and come down.”

Ellie got to her feet and surveyed the damage. There were empty wrappers and snack bags all over her bed and her secret stash was almost empty. “I’ll have to clean this up later, I’d better change first.” Ellie had unbuttoned her tight shorts while she pigged out and didn’t feel up to struggling to re-button them so she started pulling them off. Her expanded belly with its’ freshly added extra girth made it difficult and she was a little out of breath. She decided on comfort and pulled out her baggy sweats. As she took off her top she paused to admire her afternoons efforts in the mirror. She turned sideways to see how far her belly protruded in front of her. She noticed that what used to be a fold in her stomach was increasing. “Soon I’ll have two bellies,” she said to herself as she felt how the folds wrapped around to her hips and thick love handles. She stopped gazing at herself to pull on her sweat pants and top. She was surprised to see that they weren’t as baggy as they used to be and really emphasized how large her belly and ass were getting.

Ellie took one more admiring glance in the mirror, rubbing her fat belly she smiled, “All for you mom.”

Slowly coming down the stars Ellie could smell Pasta Primavera coming from the kitchen. Condoleezza made it heavenly, but had been forbidden to make it as Ellie’s weight increased. Even though she had pigged out on junk food all afternoon, Ellie’s mouth watered as thoughts of the thick creamy and fattening sauce entered her mind.

“Jesus sis,” Ellie’s sister said as she entered the dining room, “You look fatter than you did this morning. What have you been eating?”

“Oh, Mary,” Ellie said with a laugh, “what do you think I’ve been doing? I spent all afternoon stuffing my fat face with chocolate and candy.” It was the truth, but Ellie made sure for it to sound like a joke.

“Ha, ha, fatty.” Mary said as she sipped from a glass of water.

Ellie eagerly sat down and waited for her special meal to be brought out. First came portions for her father and mother, then Mary and then when it was her turn, Condoleezza presented a plate with barely a mouthful of Pasta and sauce on it, over shadowed by a leafy green salad.

“When I saw what Condoleezza had prepared I told her you could only have a taste,” Ellie’s mom said as if she was doing Ellie a huge favor. “I can only imagine how much you’d eat if you had your way.”

“Mmmm,” cooed Mary as she too took a bite. “This is heavenly. Thank God I don’t have to worry about my weight. I just might have seconds.”

“Careful Mary,” Ellie said, “mom doesn’t want another fat daughter.”

“That’s right Mary,” Their mother interjected, “You’ll have that serving and nothing more.”

Mary continued to over exaggerate her enjoyment of supper while Ellie ate her salad and sipped water.

“Don’t you feel better having controlled your appetite Ellie,” her mother smiled.

“You know mom,” Ellie said truthfully, “I do feel kind of full,” then she thought back to the piles of junk food she’d consumed that afternoon.

“What you need is some self control.” Ellie’s mom finished her glass of wine then emptied what was left and continued. “You don’t see Mary or I over indulge.” She looked back and forth between her two daughters. “Even your father,” she added with a nod as Ellie’s dad got up to leave. “He enjoyed his supper, but now he’ll go out to the pool house and get some exercise.” Shannon watched him leave. “I know when he’s over indulged at the club too. Sometimes he’ll get up from bed and head out there. Probably to burn off all the scotch he drank.”

Later that night Ellie snuck down do the kitchen. Ellie knew Condoleezza would have made lots of extra Pasta Primavera. Condoleezza knew that Ellie enjoyed her food and didn’t have a problem with someone eating his or her fill. Ellie found a 2-quart dish full of leftovers on the bottom shelf of the fridge. Licking her lips, Ellie took it right to the counter and pulled up a stool, without even warming it up. Shoveling the pasta and sauce in her mouth, Ellie closed her eyes, as she tasted the creamy sauce and rich flavors. She didn’t stop until it was done. Then quietly put the dishes in the dishwasher.

Now full, she could feel her pajama bottoms digging in to her soft belly so she pulled the front down below her lowest fat roll. Ellie could feel the material clinging to her widening ass and thighs. The t-shirt she slept in was tight when she put it on to go to bed, now it rode up her growing stomach. She almost hoped her mother would catch her in this state, with her belly hanging out of her clothes and her always expanding butt almost bursting the seems of her sleep pants. As she padded down the hall in the quiet of the night she smiled at the feeling of all the different parts of her body jiggling and bouncing.

The jiggling came to a sudden stop as she almost bowled her father over. “Ellie.” He let out surprised, trying to keep his voice down. “What are you doing up?”

“I was just getting a little snack,” Ellie said as she tried unsuccessfully to pull her top down. “I was a little hungry.” Her dad took in the bare belly escaping from her clothes and then looked back up to her eyes. “Are you going out to the pool house?”

“What?” Her dad seemed a little flustered. Ellie assumed seeing his daughter bursting from her clothes put him a little off balance.

“For one of your workouts?”

“Yeah,” he said, still looking uncertain. “I have a rowing machine out there. I go out there and row.”

“Okay dad,” Ellie said as she stepped to the side so he could continue on his way. “Maybe I should start rowing like you, I bet that would make mom happy.”

Her dad made a face, and then gave his oldest daughter a weak, but long hug. “I don’t know what would make your mother happy,” he said before pulling away, and then he quickly headed down the steps.

That morning her mother told her that her first gym appointment was for 10:00 a.m. and that she’d better be ready. Ellie groggily rolled out of bed and got to her feet. After a quick stop at the bathroom she headed downstairs. She could hear her mother talking to Condoleezza.

“Make sure you get rid of any of the leftovers from last night Condoleezza,” she said in her sharp tone. “I don’t want Ellie getting in to them.”

“Yes ma’am,” replied Condoleezza as Ellie’s mother left the kitchen.

Ellie walked up beside Condoleezza and whispered, “It was delicious,” as she rubbed her tummy rolls.

Condoleezza had a knowing smile on her face as she got out a plate and some dishes for Ellie.

“How would you like your eggs, Miss Ellie?” she asked as she turned on the stove.

“Do we have any cheese?” Ellie asked. “I’d love an omelet.” Ellie reached over and grabbed a fresh muffin from a bowl on the table. Ellie finished her third muffin as Condoleezza put her omelet in front of her. Condoleezza had found some bacon as well as cheese and mixed that together with the six eggs Ellie had requested.

Ellie was putting the last forkful in her mouth when her mother came in. “What did you eat for breakfast?” She asked looking over Ellie's shoulder at the empty plate.

“Just some dry eggs mom,” Ellie said dejectedly. Condoleezza wouldn’t let me have the bacon I asked for.”

“Good for you Condoleezza,” her mother smiled. “Now go get ready. The limo will be here to take you to the gym shortly.”

Ellie slid off of the breakfast stool and decided not to adjust her tight sleep top, which had once again ridden up, revealing several inches of belly fat and Ellie's thick love handles.

Her mother could only shake her head, as she stared at her expanding daughter. “I hope this gym can do something with you Ellie. You certainly have done a lot of damage to what little figure you had.”

Ellie paused at that moment and pretended she noticed something on the floor. She quickly bent down and smiled as her strained sleep pants split down the middle. Slowly getting up, Ellie tried not to laugh when she saw the looks on her mothers and Condoleezza’s faces. “I thought I saw a piece of chocolate on the floor,” she said as innocently as she could, then she hurried to her room. Her quickened pace made her exposed fat jiggle all the more.

“Do you have a garbage?” Ellie asked Carrie, her new fitness instructor. Ellie took one final slurp of the extra large triple thick chocolate milkshake and passed it to Carrie. She was always able to bribe Russell to stop for fast food. She’d polished of two super sized breakfast meals on the way to the gym and was wishing she’d ordered extra hash browns as well.

“Thanks,” said Ellie as she rested her hands on her substantial belly. Carrie was filling out a report, so she could help Ellie meet her goals. ”Okay, Ellie,” Carrie continued, “How much weight do you want to loose?”

“Why do you think I need to loose weight,” Ellie asked with a straight face. She then pretended to try and cross her legs, something she’d stop doing 40 pounds ago. She gave up when her rolls proved to be too much of an obstacle.

Carrie was wide-eyed and red faced. “Oh it’s just a standard question, I didn’t mean anything by it. Um, let’s skip that one. Your mother was kind enough to forward your reports from your last gym.”

“That’s my mother,” Ellie smiled as she reached into her workout bag and pulled out a snickers bar. “For energy,” she said after taking a large bite while Carrie looked on with wider eyes.

“Um, okay,” Carrie, continued. “It says here that your last goal was to loose at least 40 pounds. Do you want to keep that goal?”

“That was probably my mother’s goal. Next question.” Ellie said as she finished the chocolate bar.

“Well,” Carrie started, “how about we just do a weigh in and head right to the gym. I see here when you started at the last gym you were 160…” Carries voice trailed off as she looked up at the now much larger Ellie.

Ellie slowly got up from the chair, “I bet my mom would love to see me at 160 now,” Ellie said with a mischievous smile as she rubbed her fat belly. “Let’s see the damage.”

Ellie stepped up on the scale and Carrie started sliding the manual weights over to get a reading. Ellie smiled as Carrie moved larger weights over. “Okay,” Carrie said as the scale started to balance out. “We’re looking at 265.” She looked up at Ellie apologetically, as though she had somehow made the number so high.

Ellie was a little surprised. She knew she was well over two hundred pounds but she had thought she was probably up to around 230. “Nice round number,” was all Ellie said as she stepped down and headed out to the gym. Carrie paused to write down Ellie’s weight and glanced over at the form from the old gym. She looked at the date of the last weigh in and did some quick math.

Carrie let out a whistle as the answer came to her. “That was about 14 months ago.” She watched Ellie waddle out to the gym and wondered what she had gotten herself into.

“How about we start on the inclined bike Ellie,” Carrie said with a smile.

“Oh, they used to always start me on the tread mill,” Ellie said surprised.

“Well the tread mill can be hard on the knees for someone who weighs as… I mean someone of your, you see the inclined bike takes a lot of weight off…” Carrie struggled to explain as politically correct as she could.

Ellie let her flounder a bit then interjected, “ I get it. You’re worried someone as fat as me will hurt their knees. Okay lets try this bike.”

Ellie got on the bike and laughed at Carrie. “I don’t know Carrie, I feel like there’s a lot of weight on my knees.” Ellie smiled as she jiggled her belly that was resting on her fat thighs. Her feet were still on the floor and it didn’t look like she’d be able to peddle the bike with all of that belly fat in the way.

“We may have to move the seat back a bit for you,” Carrie said as Ellie slowly got up from the low bike. Carrie adjusted the seat as far back as it would go and Ellie tried again. With the seat back Ellie was reclined enough that less of her belly rested on her thighs, but it was quite a stretch for her short, plump legs to reach the pedals. Ellie tentatively pumped the pedals and laughed as her belly bobbed up and down.

“How does that feel Ellie?” Carrie asked with a smile.

“Like exercise,” Ellie replied.
Ellie’s mom had been furious when she had found out about one of her daughters spending time with a common club employee. Even if it had just been Ellie, the thought of anyone at her club gaining knowledge of this was just too unbearable. If I hadn’t left, Ellie’s mom had put a backup plan in place. The threats from the police officer had been serious. They would have charged me even without Ellie’s word. No matter the outcome, my name would be tarnished and I would carry the accusations with me for the rest of my life, her mother would make sure of that.

All of this only widened the divide between Ellie and her mom. Like before, Ellie's mom berated her and continually mentioned Ellie’s appearance and weight. Whether it was commenting on the fit of her clothes, her portions at dinner or just coming out and telling her that, “she’d better lose weight soon or she’d never find a decent man to marry her.”

Ellie, of course, had always hoped for her mother’s approval and did try to diet and exercise but the more she tried the more she failed. She had hoped that if she could please her mother on some level, maybe there was a chance their relationship could improve. After a particularly strenuous workout session Ellie remembered going home to soak in the tub. After her soak she headed downstairs to get some fruit and a drink of juice. While opening the fridge Ellie could hear her moms shrill voice on the phone. “Uh oh,” thought Ellie, “she only talks to people like that when she’s really pissed.”

Ellie paused to listen the conversation. Although she could only hear her mom’s side, she quickly understood what and whom it was about. “Just what am I paying you for?” her mom hissed. “I just watched my daughter waddle up the stairs. She’s fatter than ever, no thanks to you. We hired you to make her presentable and look at her. She’s busting out of her clothes. How am I supposed to take her anywhere? I’d be a laughing stock. No don’t bother. She won’t be needing your useless services anymore.” The conversation ended with a slam.

Ellie looked at the mango in her hand and then down at her body. She had weighed 145 lbs. when she left the fitness center today. 145 lbs. and her witch of a mother thought she was too fat to be seen with. She was embarrassed to be seen with her own daughter. She put the fruit back and opened the freezer. A thought began forming in her repressed mind. She grabbed some ice cream and quietly walked back to her room. Before Ellie could indulge in her treat though, her mother burst into her room, startling her.

“Is this what you’ve been doing,” her mother asked angrily, “sneaking food and stuffing your face in private?”

“No mother, I just…” Ellie didn’t know what to say. She felt as if she had been caught stealing money. She could almost feel that undeveloped thought get snuffed out like a candle flame.

“No wonder you’re getting fat Ellie,” her mother snatched the ice cream from Ellie’s trembling hands. “I’ve made arrangements for you to start seeing a new trainer. Hopefully this one will teach you some self control as well.” With that her mother left with the ice cream, which soon found its way into the garbage. Ellie was left with her conflicting feelings. She new she had disappointed her mother and it would have been wrong to eat the ice cream, but why should it matter if she’s not as skinny as her sister. Shouldn’t her mother love her the way she is? Why is her mother so embarrassed by her?

The new instructor was more of a drill sergeant. He yelled and screamed at Ellie while she struggled through reps or jogged on a treadmill. The hard work started to pay off though and after three weeks Ellie was looking forward to telling her mother that she’d lost almost five pounds.

As she walked in the house she could hear her mother having one of her ‘spirited’ conversations on the phone. Ellie was surprised to hear her trainers name come up and paused outside her mother’s library to listen in.

“You told me she’d be presentable in two weeks, and in the best shape of her life in a month!” Ellie's mother growled into the phone. There was a pause as the trainer replied. “Do you really think you deserve that bonus? I offered you an extra thousand for every pound she lost but you haven’t kept your side so the deal is off!” Another pause as the trainer pleaded his case. “Fine you can have your money but I better see results!” Then the phone was slammed down.

Ellie felt dejected as she slowly climbed the stairs to her room. She thought she had finally pleased her mother but it still wasn’t enough. “What’s the point," she thought as she flopped onto her bed. “No matter what I do I’ll always be the fat daughter, even if I were skinnier than Mary, mom would just see me as some two hundred pound failure.” Ellie slowly sobbed in her pillow.

What was the point? All she had been trying to do was to make her mother happy. And nothing worked. Nothing. Ellie was miserable. Her mother had forced away her one true friend, the one person on the planet that seemed to want her to be happy. She had sold Butterscotch and all but banished Ellie from the Country Club. Not that there was any reason to go there anymore. And now she couldn’t even enjoy a meal or a relaxing swim. It was all about weights and pounds and fat. Trying to please her mother gave her no reprieve. She was still talked down to, yelled at, made to feel worthless. She was just an embarrassment to her mother. A frayed thread that needed to be plucked.  If only Ellie could stand up to her mother in some way, become a stronger thread. A thicker thread. Slowly a thought reappeared and began to form in her mind. She couldn’t please her mother, so why not displease her.

From that day on Ellie made sure to show up late for all the workouts. As her trainer yelled at her for being late she would smile sweetly and apologize. When she could she tried to bring the remains of her fast food breakfast with her. At least Russell, her driver, liked her and would give in to her requests to hit a drive thru on the way, but depending on traffic sometimes it was all gone. In those cases she bought protein and energy bars from the snack bar until a stern threat from her mother to the fitness club put a stop to that.

Once done a workout, she would shower and change as quickly as she could, sneak out the back and fill her gym bag with forbidden foods from the neighbouring convenience store. Every extra morsel she put into her mouth made her feel like she was fighting back against her mother. It made her feel good.

“Well Ellie,” her mother said with the look that said you better tell me what I want to hear. “Why did you ask me to meet you here.”  They were seated at one of Ellie’s mother’s favourite restaurants. It was very stylish and filled with thin stylish people. Ellie could see how uncomfortable her mother was. She was probably hoping no one would recognize her and realize that the fat girl was one of HER daughters.

It had been approximately six months since Ellie had realized she would never be thin enough for her mother, so she had decided to let her weight move in a different direction. Sneaking food and treats had added almost forty-five pounds to her thickening form, much to her mother’s disgust. At almost 190 lbs. Ellie’s soft body dwarfed her mothers thin, skeletal frame even though she had squeezed into some ‘shaping’ undergarments. The weight seemed to be pileing on almost too easy and she didn’t want to ruin the fun she was having too soon.

Ellie tried to lay it on thick, but not too thick. She had gotten so into pissing off her mother that she was worried she would sound insincere. “I’ve been doing some soul searching mother,” she started, pausing to catch her breath and keep a smile from forming at the corners of her mouth. “And I wanted you to know that I’m going to take my weight more seriously now.”

“Well it’s about time,” her mother quickly interjected. “That top is impossibly tight on you already, someone your size shouldn’t dress so revealingly. Bare arms, Ellie? And I can only imagine how you got into those pants.” Thankfully the waitress appeared before Ellie lost her cool and asked if they would like anything. Ellie noticed she only addressed her mother, and tried not to make eye contact with her, the fat customer.

“House salad and water,” Ellie's mother stated sharply, and then looked towards her daughter. “I suggest you have the same dear.”

“Of course mother,” Ellie smiled.

“And would you like the house dressing,” the waitress asked Ellie’s mother then turning to Ellie, “or the diet dressing?”

“The diet sounds great,” Ellie said continuing to smile.

“I think I can afford the house dressing,” her mother said with a discerning look at her growing daughter.

“You’re going to be going to my school Ellie,” her mother said after the waitress had left. It wasn’t really her mother’s school. She had gone there, as had her aunts and grandmother. Her family even had a wing named after them, but they didn’t own the school. But Ellie knew how her mother viewed the world. Everything belonged to her in some sort of fashion. “There are teachers and faculty there that are very important. They all know who I am, and they will expect a lot from you, just as I do.”

“I’m really looking forward to it, mother.”

Her mother pursed her lips before continuing. “I know that the last while has been difficult for you, but it was no excuse for your grades to slip like they did. I know you’re undisciplined,” her eyes dropped to Ellie's round, soft middle. “But this is a chance to make up for your shortcomings. I got you accepted; I hope you don’t make me regret it. I just wish you could have thinned out. You’ll see my freshman photo in our, my, hall.” Again the thin slips pressed together as her mother’s eyes took in Ellie’s plump form. “These images last forever.”

“I can’t wait to see your picture, mother. I bet you were really something.”

Her mother actually smiled at that. “I remember one social, my freshman year. I had on a white pantsuit, size zero, I’m sure not many of the other girls could have pulled it off like I had.”

Ellie tried not to roll her eyes, “Wow, a size zero. You must have driven all the boys wild, mom.”

“Hmmm?” her mother replied, lost in the memory. “Actually I think most boys were a bit intimidated by me. But that night, a young man by the name of Allan Shepherd was so bold as to approach me.”


“Yes, I think he had been drinking a little, and I don’t think he knew who I was, but he certainly showed me what he was interested in that night.”

Ellie tried not to picture her stick thin mother being groped by her drunken father. Thankfully the salads arrived as a distraction.

“There Ellie,” her mother said approvingly as her daughter took a bite of the bitter greens. “If you can just eat more sensibly like this from now on, most of that fat will melt away.”

While chewing, Ellie tried to smile. The thought of sneaking out for ice cream after this ‘meal’ helped, but Ellie was pleased with how things were going. She was sure she had her mother convinced that she was going to diet down to a “respectable size”. Little did Ellie’s mother know she had a completely different meaning in mind when she told her she’d decided to take her weight more seriously.
Every time I open this door my mind travels back to the first time I walked through it. My life changed for the better and all it took was the turn of a handle. It’s amazing how something so small, became something so big.

I remember how nervous I was when I tentatively walked through that door, not knowing what to expect. I hadn’t seen or heard from her in over three years. It had ended badly to say the least. Not the way we had wanted, but we were young and felt powerless. The fact that it had been her mother that had called and requested me to go see her made it all the more puzzling. Her parents, especially her mother, had never cared for me, or I guess, my position in their social circle. I don’t think they ever got to know me well enough to decide if they liked or disliked me.

When I first met Ellie, I was a handler at the riding stables that housed her horse, Butterscotch. At first I took her coolness towards me as snobbishness, typical of the young women who rode here. All were from well-to-do families, and certainly had no time to talk to a mere handler. And I was a bit awkward around her. There was something about her eyes, their golden brown colour that took my breath away. When she did smile, while with her horse, it was like a supernova, bright and life giving. It warmed my heart. I had a bit of a crush on her to say the least, but she was from another world. Her family had been members of this club for generations, while I was just lucky enough to work there.

But Ellie was, in spite of my first impression, different from the rest of the rich bitches that I usually had to deal with. I first noticed it in how she treated her horse. She would often just visit Butterscotch, or groom him without taking him out. While the other girls would often demand their parents buy them a new faster horse or younger pony, Ellie stuck with Butterscotch. As other girls “upgraded” their rides, Ellie seemed to have a real connection with her horse and treated him very well. I also noticed that other groups of girls would often meet up for lunch or refreshments after their rides, but Ellie was never included, even by girls of her own age. It seemed to be just her and Butterscotch. As far as I could tell Butterscotch was her only friend. In fact I was quite surprised to find out that Mary, one of the more popular and social girls, was in fact Ellie’s younger sister, even though I had never seen them together.

Even as I observed all this, I thought little of it. There is always one outcast in every group, especially amongst girls, rich girls at that. It wasn’t until I ended up talking to Ellie that I saw more. It had been a particularly wet week, lots of rain, and so it was quite quiet in the stables. Ellie was there everyday though, grooming and talking to Butterscotch. We were the only two in the stable so I thought I would say a casual hello, and offer any assistance. At first she seemed taken aback when I asked her if she needed any help, and I started to see that what I had originally thought of as snobbiness, might actually just be shyness.

“I didn’t mean to imply that you didn’t know what you were doing,” I quickly continued, “Butterscotch has always been the best looked after horse here.”

“You know my horse’s name?” Ellie replied as she raised her head to look at me. Her blonde hair was stylishly covering the right side of her face; her bright eyes were sharp, but soft at the same time. And then that smile.

“Oh, sure,” I replied trying not to let my shaking knees get noticed, “he’s a beautiful animal, always a pleasure to see Butterscotch.” I was afraid I was going to start babbling as she stared at me. “And I’ve heard you talking to him as you groom him.”

I saw some colour flush to her cheeks before she lowered her head and stared at the ground. She was dressed in traditional riding garb, something most of her contemporaries had abandoned for its lack of coolness. The tweed jacket hugged her blossoming figure well, even the baggy designed pants showed a hint of snugness on her round bottom, something that was not lost on me.

We ended up chatting for quite some time and from that moment on were fast friends. Ellie was always very reserved especially around her mother I would learn, but when it was just the two of us she displayed a quick sense of humor and an infectious laugh.  Ellie seemed to seek the approval of her mother, but for some unknown reason only her sister had her favour. We kept our meetings to ourselves, we both new that even our innocent chats and quick visits would be frowned upon. Over time we became a little more bold, clandestinely meeting away from the club’s grounds. Maybe a movie or a bite to eat. Maybe just a walk. When we were out to eat Ellie enjoyed going to fast food places because it was somewhere her family had never gone. Afterwards, she seemed to worry that her mother would find out that she’d eaten greasy burgers and French fries. “If my mother knew I was eating this… She thinks I’m getting too plump as it is!”

Although Ellie was by far the more accomplished rider and did better in school, her younger sister, Mary, was the one her mother would introduce to her friends and their rich, handsome children. Her mother may have never even thought about Ellie dating anyone. At least, that may have been the case until Ellie's mother caught on.

It started rather innocently. Looking back maybe we both had secret crushes on each other. It was a year later and we had been seeing each other quite often. We had continued meeting at the mall or the library, going to the movies at lesser-visited theatres and meeting for lunch. Typical teenage stuff. I had found myself getting more and more infatuated with Ellie, but I didn’t want to ruin the relationship that we had developed. I tried to fight my feelings as time went on. But I was now18 and she was a beautiful young woman. Through the time I had spent with her she had continued to develop, becoming increasingly attractive to me. The soft swell of her chest, the growing curves of her hips. Her thighs in those riding pants she still wore. And those sparkling eyes that lit up with her incredible smile. On another rainy day at the stables, like the one on which I had first approached her, we both reached for the grooming brush she had dropped and when our cheeks brushed we turned and started to make out.

We kept this new development to ourselves as well. Now our meetings grew longer and other aspects were forgotten as we explored other activities. Thankfully my immature mind was too busy concentrating on the here and now to think of what the future might bring. I should have known there could be no future for us. There was no way we could continue to be so happy. And then it all came crashing down. Someone had spotted us together. I never found out whom, we both suspected it had been her sister Mary. Whoever it was though, word got back to Ellie’s mother.

We had snuck out for an evening ride and returned late to the stables. Ellie on Butterscotch while I had borrowed one of the neglected horses of her peers. We were flushed as we entered the stables, from the ride and from our first step into true intimacy. The stable master was there waiting. He looked as though someone had just shot his dog. He tried not to look at us as he took the borrowed horse from me; he tried to ignore the leaves and grass that was mixed with Ellie’s hair.

“You’d best be getting home young miss,” he said quietly to Ellie. Once she had left, he turned to me. “I’m sorry boy. You’re going to have to leave too.”

I watched Ellie’s limo drive off and felt sick to my stomach. Something bad was happening, but I didn’t know how awful it was going to turn out.

Ellie called me early that morning to warn me. We met near her house. She started crying before she could say anything and I held her close. Finally, between her sobbing, she was able to let me know that her mother had found out about the two of us and was extremely mad. She was making threats to the country club and Ellie was afraid of what might happen.

I don’t know all the details, but I ended up getting fired and accused of stealing a horse. I hung around outside of the club, hoping to see Ellie before I was spotted, but she had been kept at home and was now grounded. My calls to her went unanswered and if someone did pick up, they simply said that she was unavailable. It took two days, but Ellie finally called me. She told me that she couldn’t ever see me again. Her mother had made it very clear. Right now the theft accusations would stay at the country club, but if I were to try and reenter Ellie’s life the police would become involved and more serious charges would get laid.

I ended up leaving town. An officer friendly to Ellie’s mom paid me a visit. It was just a threat, but apparently he was following up on possible charges against me. Maybe everything that had happened between Ellie and I hadn’t been consensual. That was the final straw for me. I couldn’t fight Ellie’s mother and her connections. I was crushed. Furious and crushed. I felt as though I had lost everything. The worst part was that the last time I got to see Ellie, there was no smile, no beaming eyes.

That’s why I was so happy to get the chance to see them again. As I had approached her door and prepared myself to knock I had paused to think. Was this a trick? A set up? After all this time had her mother decided to track me down only to punish me more? But then the door opened. The face that stared back at me was familiar, but different.

“You?” The eyes were a similar colour to what I had remembered, but colder. The mouth too was familiar, yet different.


“What are you doing here?” Her face softened. She was very attractive, but in a different way than I remembered her sister to be. Mary was ‘glamour magazine’ attractive. Well made up and well styled.

“I, I got a call. Your mother…”

“My mother called you?” I could see the confusion on Mary’s face. “Why would she…” her brow furrowed as she tried to make sense of my sudden appearance. She stepped out into the hall, and pulled the door closed, but didn’t shut it tight. Her gaze went cold again, and then she sighed. “I don’t know if you should go in there.”

“I have to,” I said. Memories of Ellie were flooding back to me now. To be this close and to not get to see her… I had to just get a moment with her again.

“You don’t understand,” Mary said putting her hand on my chest and pushing me back. “I don’t know if Ellie will want you to see her,” she glanced back at the door. “To see her like this.”

“Has something happened to her?” I was worried now.

Mary shook her head. “My mother. My mother happened to her.” She looked back at me her expression softening. “I didn’t realize…” she looked to be on the verge of tears. “I didn’t know…”

“What is going on? Please just let me see her.”

Her hand pressed into me harder. “She’s, she’s done things,” Mary continued. “I didn’t understand until now. I’m starting to understand, but…”


“Just tell her I’m sorry.” Then she pushed the door back open and stepped aside to let me pass.

I couldn’t read her face very well, but headed past her and into the apartment. I could hear a TV and then I heard a voice. Her voice. “Did you forget something?” she must have thought I was her sister coming through the door. I tried to respond, but my voice caught in my throat. As I turned the corner, there was no mistaking those eyes this time. There they were, opening wide with recognition as I stepped in front of her. And then the smile, the supernova erupted and I stopped short as though my knees were going to buckle. She made a move to get up from her couch, but then her face changed, her eyes lost their sparkle and the tears started. The next thing I knew she was in my arms, I held her as the crying started to shake her body. I don’t know how long we were like that. Me holding her as she cried, her body racked with sobs.

Once the initial flood of emotions slowed, our embrace loosened and we started to realize that we really were together again. After a few, “I can’t believe it’s you,” from both of us. We slowly filled in the patchwork of our time apart. Since mine was pretty dull, I’ll only share hers with you. She filled me in on the aftermath of her mother discovering our relationship.    
Filled with Revenge Part I
The beginning of a story I've been working on. Pretty much just the precursor. I struggled a bit with POV, but I think I've got it figured out for the rest of the story.
Taking some time off from school had seemed like a great idea. She could relax, unwind, get refocused. Did she really want to pursue politics? Was there a better path for her to follow? The extra time would give her a chance to consider her options more and make sure she set out in the right direction when she did finalize her course selections. Plus, there were things she wanted to do, and things she wanted to devote more time to. She’d have more time for Capoeira and Tae Kwon Do. It would be a year just about her, then she could put all her attentions back into school and not feel like she had wasted this period of her life buried in books.

Unfortunately most of her friends had gone off to university or college so it had been a bit quiet, she had been okay with that, since she had planned on focusing on herself anyways, but at times she did find herself getting bored. She had caught up on a lot of reading, and when she wasn’t reading there were lots of TV shows to binge on. Even movies she hadn’t had a chance to see. Plus, although she didn’t consider herself an avid gamer, she did enjoy playing them. She really hadn’t had the time to get too involved in some games, but now she certainly could.

“You’re lucky Nikki,” her closest friend Chelsea had said as she got ready to head off to school. “You get to avoid the freshman fifteen for one more year. We’ll all come back home fat, and you’ll still be skinny.”

Nikki had smiled at that. She was pretty sure the freshman fifteen was an urban legend. And really if you are expecting to gain weight, all you have to do is be diligent. She was pretty sure that Chelsea’s concerns were unwarranted. But she had to admit that both she and her friend had added a few ‘party pounds’ over the last few weeks. Everyone had wanted to spend as much time together as they could before they all went their separate ways. Lunches, suppers, a few parties and a few drinks here and there all added up to a little extra on the scale, but Nikki knew that once she was on her own she could put as much effort into her fitness classes as she wanted. Chelsea probably wouldn’t be so lucky.

And that’s how her fall started off, some light reading, a little TV and then she could let herself get lost in the more exciting elements of games like Grand Theft Auto. She found these times some of the most entertaining and she started to see how other people got so addicted. Luckily for her she didn’t really have any other responsibilities that she had to worry about neglecting, so her video game time was guilt free.

In fact she felt as if she had no pressure on her at all with an entire year still ahead of her. It was so nice to have no routine to follow and no reason to not sleep in. It was like everyday was a Saturday, which did throw her off her schedule a bit. It was easy to forget that she had a self-defense class or was supposed to be at Tae Kwon Do when your internal clock was telling you it was the weekend. She justified any missed classes with the knowledge that she could get caught up later after she had enjoyed her freedom for just a little longer.

It wasn’t uncommon for her to completely lose track of time. Checking her phone she would often realize that it was almost 4:30 in the morning. She would get completely lost in her game more and more often. Once she realized the time, she would feel tired so she would start shutting everything down. She’d usually find one last piece of pizza in the box beside her that she had ordered sometime after midnight and would finish it before dropping the box in the recycle bin. She often had to give it a little stomp with her foot as other fast food bags and empty pop bottles from some of her other late night sessions had the bin quite full.

And although a year seems like a lot of time when it is spread out before you, Nikki was surprised at how quickly the days and then weeks passed as they slowly blurred into one repetitive cycle. She would drag herself out of bed some time after noon, eat a lunch of whatever she could find around the house, or grab a quick bite at a drive-thru, binge watch a part of season or two of a series on Netflix as she ate her lunch and then a few snacks, supper with whichever members of her family happened to be around, maybe a Dairy Queen dessert with a movie and then of to her gaming homes of Vice City or San Andreas, some more snacks and maybe a late night take out session, before dozing off sometime in the early morning hours.

Having no close friends around didn’t help. She still texted with her friends and talked on the phone when time permitted, but she knew they were busy with classes and school life. She missed them, especially Chelsea who had chosen to go and lay in the sun with some new friends from university over her Christmas break instead of coming home. And then, a couple of months later, when study break came around, Chelsea was too far behind on three papers to take the break and ended up staying at school to get everything done.  

The realization of how much time had passed finally hit her in the face when Chelsea had called. The month of May had finally rolled around and Chelsea was just finishing studying for her last exam. She was going to be home in two days and couldn’t wait to get together and catch up.

“You can fill me in on everything you’ve been up to Nikki!” Chelsea exclaimed over the phone. “You were so lucky to have all that time to yourself. I bet it’s been great.”

Nikki looked around her basement where she had pretty much been holed up since Chelsea had left. The TV showed that her game was paused. This is what she had been up to. “Well, it wasn’t really that exciting,” Nikki mumbled, feeling a little embarrassed as she stretched out on the couch to talk on the phone. “I really didn’t do too much.”

“Well, you can give me all the details in person soon!” Nikki could hear the excitement in Chelsea’s voice. “Maybe you can bring me to one of your Tae Kwon Do classes?”

“You want to try Tae Kwon Do?” Nikki asked, a little confused. She had always asked for Chelsea to come to one of her classes, but she had never shown any interest.

“Well, I have been doing yoga, I kinda had to, you know – the freshman fifteen and everything. But anyways I think maybe I could try Tae Kwon Do, or that other thing you do, the South African thing?”


“Yeah, maybe we could do that, you always liked it. It would be good for me too.”

“It’s South American, and no, I haven’t done it for a while,” Nikki tried to process everything Chelsea had just said, “and wait, what do you mean freshman fifteen?” Nikki asked, her free hand finding her own mid section.

“Ugg,” Chelsea replied. “It’s so embarrassing, but it did happen to me. I’ve lost most of the weight I gained, but it’s true about living on campus. There’s food available all the time, and parties and everything. When I went away over Christmas break I looked pretty chubby in my bikini. I had put on almost ten pounds since coming here! Can you believe it?”

Again, Nikki’s hand gave her own body a tentative squeeze. “Ten pounds?” she questioned.

“Yeah, I’m glad I didn’t have to come home for Christmas, you would have laughed at how fat I had gotten. It was bad enough to have to wear that bikini, but the girls I had gone away with were all at least as chubby as me.”

“But did you gain the whole fifteen? The freshman fifteen?”

“No, well, kind of I guess,” she said pausing. “I had gained a little before I even got here, remember?” Nikki did remember, they both had. “I don’t know if that counts, but once I got back to school in January I smartened up. I started doing the yoga and cut out the late night pizza and fast food runs. I still need to lose about five pounds though. Don’t make fun of me for getting fat when you see me.”

Nikki looked down and felt as though she was seeing herself for the first time. Her hand gave a tentative push into her body, feeling how soft it had gotten. She looked at the t-shirt she had thrown on and saw how it was pulled tight against her. Her fingers tried to pull the fabric away from her body, but there was no extra for her to grab. She let her hand spread out again and gave a squeeze. She immediately regretted doing that as she ended up with a handful of soft flesh. She sat up, realizing for the first time that it was a bit of a struggle. She sat there for a minute with her phone still at her ear; Chelsea babbling into it, while her other hand felt the soft roll of fat that pooled around her waist. She looked down and could feel some fat bunch up as a double chin formed.

She had suspected that she had gained a little weight, gotten a little softer. But she had been reassuring herself that she had lots of time to refocus before summer. There was no need to worry about getting to her classes. She had a whole year. Now, seated as she was, she could see her thighs spreading out on the couch, she could feel how tight her leggings had become, not just on her legs, but the waistband was digging into her. But worst of all she could see her belly resting on her thighs, rolling over the tight leggings, pushing against her once loose t-shirt.

She tried to process everything as she stared blankly around the room. How had she not seen this happening? Her free hand cupped her belly. There on the floor was an empty cup from Taco Bell, and a crumpled up matching take-out bag. As she looked around she spotted similar bags from Burger King and McDonald’s, an empty large Blizzard cup, some empty Chinese food containers and some crumpled up chip bags and then, by the stairs, empty pizza boxes. She tried to think back, hadn’t she just cleaned up down here? She stood, again feeling how awkward her body now moved and headed for the bathroom, kicking something that was at her feet. It was an empty cookie container, which had written across it in bright yellow letters, ‘Now Extra Soft and Chunky!’

She flicked on a light in the small basement bathroom and stared at a stranger in the mirror. Her mouth hung open as she saw herself for the first time in almost eight months.

Her once loose t-shirt was pulled tight against her fattened frame, the sleeves completely filled with her plump arms, especially the arm that was bent, still holding the phone to her ear. She could see the fat fight for room at her bent elbow, see the crease where her wrist bent, she could even see how her chubby fingers sank into her rounded face. Her face! Even her face looked fat now. Her mouth hung open, emphasizing the soft double chin. And then there was her body. Again, she couldn’t figure out how she hadn’t realized that she was getting fat. When had she gotten this t-shirt? Christmas? It was pulled tight across her plumped up chest, making her realize how uncomfortable her bra was now. She could make out where the straps sunk into her soft shoulders. Her free hand reached for the bottom hem of her shirt. Surely it wasn’t that bad, maybe the tightness of the t-shirt was making her look fatter than she really was.

Slowly she lifted up the bottom of the shirt, her thumb could feel the warm flesh on the other side as it pulled the material up. She felt hyper-aware of her body at this moment. Just this act of pulling her shirt up caused jiggling. She watched in horror as her stomach was slowly revealed. It budged out in front of her, hanging over the tight leggings. Once she got the shirt up the curve of her belly, she let out a little gasp. It was that bad.

“Oh. My. God.”

“What? What are you talking about?”

Chelsea was still on the phone. Nikki grabbed her belly, as she turned sideways, shocked at the amount of fat that had accumulated there. How had this happened?

“Are you still there?” Chelsea asked.

“I’ve gotta go,” Nikki finally got out, pulling the phone from her ear and hanging up on her friend. She felt like she was waking up from a dream and was having trouble coming back to reality. Still staring at herself in the mirror, she put down her phone, then she put her hands on top of her belly, “Oh, God. Look at this. I have a belly,” she traced it as is rolled out and over her waistband, then she followed the waistband as her new love handles overflowed the tight leggings.

“I got these at Christmas,” she thought to herself. Remembering opening the present from her mom. They had looked big to her then, but now they felt tight. What had her mom said to her that day? “I thought these might look good on you and be more comfortable.” She had had a funny look on her face as she said it. Had everyone else noticed she had been gaining weight? She grimaced as she thought of the scale in the upstairs bathroom. But she had to go see. Had she gained the freshman fifteen that Chelsea had been so worried about? She pulled the shirt down over her belly and caught site of her ass. No wonder the leggings felt so tight. Her ass looked huge as it spread out behind her. “Oh God,” she thought to herself again.

She left the bathroom and headed through the basement, again she felt hyper aware as her new soft body jiggled with every step. She ignored the paused video game and the various pieces of fast food debris as she got to the bottom of the stairs. She remembered her plans for this year, reading, relaxing, self-defence and Tae Kwon Do classes, but what had she ended up doing? When was the last time she had made it to a class? Definitely before Christmas, she thought, and probably before the first snowfall.  In fact, thinking back, the weather had still been nice. She took a deep breath as she headed up the stairs, taking another look at the couch where she was starting to realize she had spent too much time.

Other thoughts had started filtering back to her as well. She hadn’t done much shopping for herself lately, but she did remember buying a larger size at some point. Was that in the fall? She had thought her inactivity might have led to some weight gain then, but she had so much time, she really didn’t need to address it then. Her mother too had said things that hadn’t registered, or had seemed irrelevant. “Are you sure you need seconds, honey?” “That’s a lot of dessert.” “You’re not going out for more fast food are you?”  “Do you need anything at the store? Pants? Tops? Underwear?”

The last time her sister had been around she questioned why Nikki was drinking energy drinks. “What do you need extra energy for?” She had asked, “You’re just sitting there and moving your thumbs.” She had also suggested she start doing more than just lounging around in front of the TV. “Why don’t you get out of the house? You don’t want to become a complete couch potato.” And “It smells like a Kentucky Fried Chicken garbage can down here.”

“Oh God,” she thought to herself as she struggled up the stairs. Her body felt slow and lethargic. Heavy. She tried to remember what she had weighed. She had never really paid that close of attention to her weight and it had never really mattered. She knew her weight fluctuated a bit. She was usually in the 130s, but had gotten as high as 140lbs at the end of the summer. Especially after all her friends had been celebrating their last weeks at home before heading off to school.

Finally she reached the upstairs bathroom and pushed through the door. Again that fat girl in the mirror greeted her. She was alone in the house, but for some reason she closed and locked the door as though that would prevent anyone else from finding out about her weight. She bent over, and felt her belly fat form rolls as she pulled the scale out from under the vanity. “Okay, so if I’ve gained fifteen pounds,” she thought to herself, trying to prepare for the worst case scenario, “and if I was 135 or 140 I could be up to 155.” One hundred and fifty five pounds. That seemed so fat.

She stepped on the scale and looked in the mirror. Is this what one hundred and fifty pounds looks like?

It wasn’t. It was what one hundred and ninety-two pounds looked like. She thought back to the last eight months and other than a few classes in September, she hadn’t really left the couch, or even the house. Except when she hit a drive thru. In her mind’s eye she could see herself going though all those fast food drive-thrus at one or two in the morning, no one around to see her as she ate her late night treats. She could feel the seat belt digging into her more and more; she could feel her pajama bottoms clinging to her softening form. She could remember feeling full after suppers, especially as she scraped the last of her dessert from a plate. She also remember the relief she would feel as she got to her spot on the couch and would unbutton her jeans, or after she had started wearing stretchy clothing exclusively, pulling the waistbands down under her stuffed tummy.

But she had ignored it all. Ignored it and wasted eight months. Eight months. It had seemed like so much time back in September, but it was gone, eaten up, and she nothing to show for it. Nothing except over fifty extra pounds of fat.

All her promises to start getting back to some of her activities outside of the house had been abandoned. The first eight months of the year of personal growth that she had intended to take had turned into a groundhog day of couch time, food and screen time.

She spent the rest of the day in a funk. Everything she did seem to highlight how fat she had gotten. She tried on a few of her ‘night out’ outfits, or at least tried to try them on. Everything was too small now. She had been living in t-shirts, hoodies, leggings and pajamas for so long her entire wardrobe was pretty much unusable. While showering her hands couldn’t help but poke and prod her soft body as the water cascaded over the freshly discovered bulges and rolls. And it seemed like she was constantly hungry. Her belly was used to a continuing stream of food throughout the day and into the night. She would find herself wandering towards the kitchen searching out something to snack on. She tried to fight it, but by the afternoon she had already broken down twice, running out to Taco Bell and later the corner store for some chips.

Every part of her was covered in a layer of fat. She tried to think back to how this had gone unnoticed. The clothes she had been wearing were pretty forgiving, especially since her mother had upgraded a few items for her. She had consciously or subconsciously stopped wearing jeans or any clothing with buttons. When she showered she was usually still half asleep or ready to fall asleep. A part of her knew she had gained a little weight and she had turned a blind eye to it. She had always showered quickly, avoided the mirror and then ignored any tightness in her clothes and pretended that her diet of fast food and snack foods was temporary.

When Chelsea called the following day to firm up plans, Nikki really started to worry. “Look Chelsea, I should probably tell you, I’ve been pretty lazy too.” Nikki was in her usual spot on the couch, her hand resting on her tubby belly. “I’ve put on some weight,” she paused trying to think how much she should reveal. “Probably more than you put on.”

“That’s great,” Chelsea replied. “We can lose it together! I’d love to drop this last five pounds before June. How much do you need to lose? More than that?”

“Yeah, a little more than that,” Nikki gave her belly a little shake, feeling the fat jiggle.

“So ten?”

Nikki looked down at her body as she lounged on the couch. She felt as though she was spilling out of her yoga pants and t-shirt, she felt fat. “Fifty,” she mumbled.

“What? Did you say fifteen? Jeese Nikki, how did that happen?”

How did that happen? Nikki wondered, but she didn’t correct her friend that she had gotten fifty pounds fatter, not a mere fifteen. It was just too unbelievable that someone could get this fat without realizing it.

Despite facing the cold hard truth of her weight gain, Nikki found she was still a creature of habit. That night, no matter how hard she tried to talk herself out of it she found herself ordering in pizza at 1:00 in the morning and then eating it while playing her game. She felt a little bad afterwards, but the reality was that she wasn’t going to lose fifty pounds before Chelsea or any of her other friends saw her, so why fight it.

She also knew she was going to need to make some updates to her wardrobe. She couldn’t be going out in t-shirts and leggings all the time, especially when the leggings were already so tight. Too tight actually. After one of her usual lazy mornings she finally headed out to get some clothes that fit better. Between texts from Chelsea she was able to get some larger leggings and yoga pants as well as some jeans that she could fit into.

“Ugg,” Nikki thought to herself as she finished her meal in the food court. “I can’t believe I had to buy size sixteen jeans.” She could have gotten the fourteens, but they were pretty tight and uncomfortable, especially for someone used to wearing clothes that stretched. Even so, Nikki could feel her soft body bunch up and spill over the waistband as she sat, finishing her fries. “I’d love to get some ice cream,” she thought as she scanned the food court, “but I have to start cutting out something, or I’ll just keep getting fatter.”

A text from Chelsea distracted her from her cravings. “Looks like I won’t get in until late – hwy is pretty bad – bumper to bumper,” it read. “Catch up tomorrow?”

“One more day until she sees how fat I am,” thought Nikki before replying. “That’s too bad – C U soon.”

“Did you check on those classes? Got to get back in shape before summer!”

“Crap,” thought Nikki, she had forgotten about that. Not only would Chelsea see her weight gain, but how would she explain it to her instructors? “I’m on it,” she typed back before grabbing a Coffee Crisp Blizzard.

Chelsea hadn’t seen Nikki since before she left for school and that was how she remembered her friend. Nikki will probably never forget the look on Chelsea’s face when she first laid eyes on her new, expanded figure. Nikki had driven over to Chelsea’s house and they were going to head over to a Capoeira class.

“Nikki! What the fuck?”

“I told you I had put on some weight,” Nikki replied, her face flushing.

“I’m sorry,” Chelsea tried to control herself, but the shock was pretty evident. “I just wasn’t expecting this, I mean,” Chelsea stared at Nikki’s pudgy belly. “You got...”

Nikki’s face reddened more and Chelsea apologized. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t say anything. I put on some weight too. It’s just…” Nikki couldn’t see any added weight on her friend. The only difference she really saw was some highlights added to her hair. She could also tell that Chelsea was trying not to say more, but she caught her stealing glances at her belly as it bounced during the drive. Finally Chelsea had to say something. She reached over and gave Nikki’s tummy a gentle poke.

“Well, looks like this time off has agreed with you,” she smiled. “Looking’ a little chubby there, Nikki.”

Nikki could feel her cheeks redden. “Yeah, look, I do plan on getting back on track soon. Now” Her free hand dropped to her belly.

“I gotta say though, Nikki,” Chelsea said, still staring at Nikki’s fattened form, “this looks like a little more than fifteen pounds, I mean, I had gained fifteen pounds and felt pretty, um.” Chelsea paused before saying the word but Nikki knew what she was going to say. “but you look, well.”

“Yeah, look, I know.” Nikki could feel her cheeks redden with embarrassment. “It’s pretty bad, I just kinda lost track of time and, well, I didn’t realize I had gotten so,” Nikki and Chelsea’s eyes met as she finished the sentence, “fat.”

Arriving at the class, Nikki felt very apprehensive. She had found the classes challenging when she was in shape, but now? Seeing Chelsea didn’t make her feel any better. Her friend was dressed in a t-shirt and yoga pants that complimented her still trim figure. Nikki, on the other hand felt like a blimp. She too wore a t-shirt and yoga pants, but while Chelsea’s outfit made her look athletic, when Nikki looked in the full length mirrors all she could see was her added weight. The pants hugged her thick legs, especially at her thighs which now looked almost as round as Chelsea’s waist. Her t-shirt, while somewhat loose, failed to hide her belly as it bulged out in front of her, a line forming where her pants cut into the soft, supple flesh.

It didn’t get any better for her either. Stretching through the warm up caused love handles and other rolls of soft fat to become exposed. She felt like she spent half of the warm-ups just readjusting her clothes to cover her fattened body. She couldn’t help but compare herself to Chelsea who seemed so limber and flexible as she went through the entire set of warm up poses.  Chelsea easily tackled the sit-ups and push-ups, while Nikki struggled. Her belly was completely in the way for sit-ups, Bunching into thick rolls as she slowly tried to lift her uncooperative body. Her arms, not used to all of her extra weight shook with effort, barely able to get one push up completed.

Nikki watched as Chelsea performed the ‘cobra’ stretch. Her back arched perfectly and her arms easily supported her with only her palms and lower legs touching the mats. Nikki let out a deep breath. Her arms were extended, but if felt as though hardly any of her body was off the mats. She could feel her thighs spreading out on the mats and she knew her hips weren’t close to being raised up either. She could tell her shirt had once again come untucked as her exposed belly hung out and rested on the mats.

Nikki felt out of breath just getting through the warm-ups. She could feel a layer of sweat start to form and her face felt flushed. She used to be able to get through classes like this three or four times a week, but she was ready to quit already. The instructors, thankfully they were new tonight, started walking the class through some of the basic moves and jumps that a lot of the art would be based on. Nikki remembered them, but her body just couldn’t move like that anymore. Even the smallest jumps took a lot more effort than she remembered, and the landings made her soft body shake. Chelsea, the beginner, was doing far better.

Half way through the class, when everyone stopped for a water break, Nikki sat down heavily on a bench. She was breathing hard and felt sweaty and gross. “I really like this,” Chelsea said after getting a drink. “The instructor said I’m doing pretty good for a first timer and he’d like to have me try some more advanced stuff. Pretty cool.”

“That’s great,” Nikki breathed out. “But, I think I’m done.”

“What? It’s only half over,” Chelsea reminded her. “You can do it.”

“No, I’m going to sit the rest out, you go ahead, I don’t mind waiting.”

“Suit yourself,” Chelsea said as she started to turn and head back towards the mats. She paused and gave one of Nikki’s love handles a poke. “You’re not going to lose any of this sitting on your butt though.”

Nikki knew she was right, but as she watched the class progress through more and more difficult jumps, kicks and rolls, she also knew she was just too out of shape right now. Maybe if she slowly worked her way back into the classes, she could get back to where she was. She did half a class today, and she could maybe get a little farther at the next class two days from now. If she could get through three quarters then, maybe she could get through the full class after that. She watched Chelsea make some pretty good attempts at some moves she knew she hadn’t tried at her first class. Her hands went to the bulge of fat at her waist and wondered when she’d be ready for those moves again. She would need to lose all of this fat first.

As the class finished up, Nikki got up off the bench to get ready to leave. Her body felt like it was already stiffening up as she slowly made her way to the door. “Thanks for bringing me, Nikki,” Chelsea said has she patted Nikki on her tender shoulder. “I can’t wait to come back.”

Nikki tried to smile through her grimace, “Yeah you did really well.”

“What do you want to do now?” Chelsea asked. “Do you want to see if anyone is at one of the bars? We could dance a little or get a drink.”

“I’m pretty beat,” Nikki signed as they reached her car, “I was going to just hit the couch for a bit.” She was hungry too, but would try to ignore it.

Chelsea made a face. “Oh, I was hoping we could see who else was around, catch up with everyone, you know?”

“I don’t think I’m up for it tonight, can I take a rain check?”

“I guess, but tomorrow night for sure. I’m sure there will be even more people around.”

Nikki dropped Chelsea off and excused herself from the invite in. She really didn’t even want Chelsea’s parents to see her like this. She found even the act of driving a little uncomfortable as her muscles tried to figure out what they had just been forced to do. It was a struggle to get in the house, and she hoped a hot shower would help loosen her up.  Walking through the kitchen she could still smell the lasagna and garlic bread from supper. She had tried not to eat too much before the class and now her belly rumbled. She ignored it as she trudged up the stairs.

The shower did help her aching muscles a little, but it did nothing to alleviate the emptiness in her belly. She finally gave in thinking that no matter how much she ate at home, it would be better than hitting a drive thru or ordering in pizza. So two pieces of lasagna and three pieces of garlic bread later, Nikki finally lowered herself into her usual position on the couch. She gave her now full belly a disapproving pat then fired up Grand Theft Auto. She figured with her friends back, she would be cutting down on her playing time so she might as well get one last night of serious gaming in.

She had zoned out for a few hours when Chelsea started texting her. “Bars are pretty quite. No 1 here. What RU doing?”

Nikki wiped some Dorito powder off her fingers onto her pants and texted back. “Just relaxing, playing GTA.”

“Can you come get me? I’m at the Burger King.”

Nikki sighed. “Meet me outside and I’ll pick you up. I don’t wanna go in”


Nikki paused her game and pushed her still sore body off the couch. Her aching muscles protested the short walk up the stairs and out to her car.  It was a short drive, one that Nikki could do half asleep, but one she had hoped to start avoiding. Chelsea was watching for her through a window and came out of the restaurant as Nikki pulled up. She quickly headed out the door, ran over to Nikki’s car and hopped in. Nikki could smell the all too familiar smell of fast food as soon as Chelsea sat down and slammed the door.

“What’s that?”

“Ugg, I bought a whopper meal, but I really shouldn’t have.” Chelsea replied holding up the bag. “Do you want it?”

“That’s why I wanted to meet you outside!” Nikki shook her head. “I didn’t want to go in. I’ve been eating too much stuff like that. That’s how I got so,” she tried to ignore the smell, but she could almost feel her resolve melting away, “fat.” She licked her lips. “Why did you buy it if you’re not going to eat it?”

“I was hungry for bar food, but I’ve almost lost all the weight I’d put on,” she whined. “I’m so close to my goals and…”

“I’m so far away!”

“No, I didn’t mean it like that, I just didn’t want to waste it. Look, don’t worry about it, I’ll just throw it away.” Chelsea reached to open the car door and get back out.

“No, don’t throw it away.” Nikki said as she reached for the bag. “I do need to cut out this sort of thing, but one last time can’t hurt.”

Nikki enjoyed the fast food treat as she slowly drove to Chelsea’s house. Chelsea chatted most of the way and they ended up just talking in her driveway while Nikki finished the French fries and coke. Chelsea filled her in on some of her adventures in college, friends she’d made, guys she’d met and a few other things. “You’re going to love it, it really is a great experience,” Chelsea added. “I can’t wait to go back, I just have to try and not get fat aga…” Chelsea’s eyes dropped to Nikki’s fat belly as it rolled over the seat belt.

Nikki blushed a little. Chelsea was worried about gaining weight, while Nikki had gained four times as much. “Yeah,” she frowned looking down at her chubby body and stuffing the last of the fries in her mouth, “you’re not the only one.”

“The good thing, Nikki,” Chelsea said with a frown, “is that you don’t really have to worry about the freshman fifteen anymore.”
Growth Period
I had originally tried to write a story with this character using another story idea, but it just wasn't working for me. I did end up stumbling on the 'self-defence class after the change in weight' and built a little story around that scene. I apologize if the story lacks the proper flow, but it developed differently than my other writing attempts.


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